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    does anyone know what ever happened to jill meager who was very much a regular on tv in the 80s in shows like goodbye mr chips taggart and bergarac etc

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    I had to google images to see what she looked like, but don't recognise her....

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    She hasn't acted for a long time if her CV at IMDB is to be believed but I have seen her occasionally as she lives a few streets away from me.

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    I recently saw the lovely Jill Meager playing French girl Helene Duvall owner of an occult bookshop in Jersey in one of the best episodes ever of Bergerac on Alibi What Dreams May Come with guest star Charles Gray as occultist author Bart Bellow.

    Found a picture of Jill playing Lucy Eylesbarrow in the 4.50 From Paddington.

    She is a splendid actress.

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    I have just looked up Jill Meager at Google, having watched the 1980s' version of '4:50 from Paddington'. I didn't recognise the actress at all, so was intrigued as to what she has been up to since that role.

    Googling led to Wiki.

    According to Wikipedia - yikes! - but still, the only/quickest online source of an update as to what Jill Meager is now up to :

    "Jill Meager
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jill Meager is an English actress.

    She studied Modern Languages at Trinity Hall, Cambridge where her contemporaries included Tom Conti. She dropped out to pursue an acting career, and worked as a Management Consultant before becoming an actress.

    She has appeared in many roles on television and in film, including notably Lucy Eyelesbarrow in the 4.50 fom Paddington, one of the BBC's adaptations of Miss Marple novels, in 1987. She played Katherine Chipping in the 1984 BBC adaption of the book Goodbye, Mr. Chipps.

    She had a role in the 'unofficial' James Bond film Never Say Never Again in 1983 and has also appeared in several television shows, including Taggart, Bergerac and Hannay.

    She has a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and works with provision of Training and Development programmes."

    HTH! :)

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    I have also found a weblink to a book entitled "Not Waving But Dusting" by a Jill Meager.

    And a webpage re this book & author at a website entitled:
    Spirit Base

    This website states re the book:
    "'Not Waving But Dusting' by Jill Meager: A hilarious novel about a woman's search for a new identity, a deeper relationship - or any relationship at all - with her ...".

    The website also refers to the author of the book as a Jill Meager who works as a psychodynamic counsellor & a stand-up on the London comedy circuit.

    Of course, one can only hope/assume that this might be the same Jill Meager that Wiki refers to (?!) Of course, we all know how reliable Wiki is/isn't! so I think some caution would be best employed in lending any credence to this connection.

    In any case, as the last reference that IMDB make to any !on-screen! acting career of Jill Meager is a film entitled 'Shuttlecock' (1991), where the actress plays a character named 'Marian Prentis', one can safely assume that - if the psychodynamic counsellor is not the correct Jill Meager - then she has either given up acting or moved into stage/production work etc. etc.


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