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    Can anyone confirm Hollywood's latest plan to re-write British history, with a sugar-coated twist on The Battle of Britain, provisionally entitled 'The Few?' Will Tom Cruise's alleged portrayal of Pilot Officer Fiske be swooping in from the sun, cigar clenched between lantern jaw, as he saves Britain's 'butt' single-handed? Actually, I respect Fiske's commitment to our cause, (as America didn't officially join hostilities for another year) but he was really killed in a landing accident, with no enemy kills to his name.

    This is not a matter for the usual fictional popcorn fodder. Countless men and women of the RAF gave their lives for our freedom, as our aircraft were outnumbered 3-1 by the Germans in 1940. Surely, a little respect is owed to them, as well as the many survivors, who still pay their own respects to the fallen each Remembrance Sunday.

    We've already bitten the bullet with 'U571', where Americans apparently captured an Enigma machine (actually, it was the Royal Navy who boarded that U-boat) and I'm suspicious we're in for a barrel load of the same. After all, if we tampered with 'Pearl Harbour', they would probably declare war on Elstree and Shepperton!

    If you agree that enough is enough, add your comments to mine, not just here, but on Film 2003, The BFI, Internet Movie Database and Tom Cruise's message boards, if you can handle the flack I've already received from our Colonial cousins (excitable fellows ... they don't like it up 'em!) Who knows, with enough noise, they might even take notice!

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    I agree enough is enough U571 is banned from our house (as is, although not as relevant) the remake of The Italian Job.

    I think that it is an absolute disgrace that the little short arsed twat that is Tom "spit" Cruise is being allowed to rewrite history in this manner.

    And sadly rewrite is what it is, who will people believe...??

    Tell that to the widows and the families of the brave pilots who gave their lives

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    I find it hard to comment as details are still sketchy and there's not even a script in place.

    I've read some of the stories in the ever-ridiculous British press but Michael Mann is no Jerry Bruckheimer, Alex Kershaw appears a reputable historian/author, and there's not a cast of wooden pretty-boy actors lined up.

    It doesn't strike me as following the same route as Pearl Harbour; hopefully Cruise's friendship with Kubrick has rubbed off on him.

    With regard to your original post, I thought Fiske had enemy 'kills' to his name and what you disregard as a "landing accident" was whilst returning from a dogfight so the condition of his plane is open to speculation.

    Frankly it strikes me as a good premise for a film. (and a couple of tv documentaries will no doubt follow)

    While we're on the subject, Cruise is also starring in a film about Jasper Maskelyne, the WWII magician of North Africa. They'll be controversy about that too as there's debate over how effective his sleights of hand were.

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    Interestingly, I have corresponded at length with DA Fiske (a descendant) and he shares my concerns - not so much about whether a film should be made at all, but making sure it pays due respect to the real history and keeps America's part in this early stage of The War in context.

    Actually, Fiske is credited with one official kill, where he forced an enemy aircraft into a barrage balloon over Portsmouth. Whilst I respect his contribution and courage, he was however, by definition, by no means an 'ace'.

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