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    Although not one of my favourite films,I once watched the back end of it a few months ago,and I listened (!) to the song in the end credits. It was damned awful. Who wrote it,who sang it?

    Ta Ta

    Marky B

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    It was Oscar nominated!

    Think the song was called Wherever Love Takes Me, and sung by Maureen McGovern.

    She earned the nickname "disaster queen" due to having also sung on the soundtrack to Towering Inferno.

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    It was Oscar nominated!
    Only the song, not the film :)


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    I have looked up the film in Halliwell's Film Guide and yes you are right,it was nominated for an Oscar and it was written by Elmer Bernstein and Don Black. eek!

    Maureen McGovern had a hit in 1976 with The Continental.

    Now if my memory serves me well,it was a different voice that sang at the end of Gold to that which The Continental. Not that I am disputing you,as obvious by your entries to this website,you seem to be well up on film. The voice on the end of Gold sounded more like C class working men's club male singer.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Ta Ta

    Marky B thumbs_u

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    I have to say I can't remember that song...

    I DO remember another song on a 1970's Roger Moore movie though - "The Wild Geese".

    Great film and great song by Joan Armatrading "The Flight of the Wild Geese". I hunted high and low to get a copy of that - finally got one off the net on MP3.

    Cheers from Rich

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