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    I know it's not strictly a film, but it is British... Does anyone know who was playing the guitar in the Bob Dylan takeoff in The Secret Policeman's Ball, Vol One? I've watched it a few times, but cannot recognise him. Cheers.

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    Most likely to be Neil Innes, of the Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band and then musical genius behind "The Rutles" can't remember the film now, but if the chorus has the line "rain on a tin roof, sounds like a drum..." in it..then it is indeed him. The song is called "Protest Song" and it begins....

    " Uhhh... uhhh... this next song is a protest song.

    Ladies and gentleman, I've suffered for my music, now it's your turn. "


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    Has been a while... Guitarists could be Dave Gilmor, Innes, Jeff Beck or Eric Clapton.

    That was '79. It's hard to believe that high school was all those years ago.

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    Thanks folks - I've only just seen these replies. The BDDDB was one of my favourites!

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