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    Not sure if I'm asking this in the correct area but I need some input on the title movie. I am new to a film class and currently writing a paper and some of the topics that I need to include are my thoughts on the cinematography and editing techniques used in this movie. Any input to get me started would be greatly appreciated on these styles used throughout the movie.

    Thank you.</a>

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    Hello Roe,

    This is the right place to ask such a question. Although, I'm not sure what you wanted by your poll?

    A few items...

    To Sir, With Love is one of my sentimental favourites from childhood. It was released in 1967 and was based on the novel by E. R. Braithwaite of the same name. It was when British was hip and mod and playful in pop culture. Of the many movies in Britain coming over, this one made a lasting impact in the states and was regularly seen on network TV in the 70s. It picked up from where Blackboard Jungle started. Interesting, Poitier was in both.

    I think Sidney Poitier is at his best. He is sublime. In the same year 67, he also stared in racial stories - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and In the Heat of the Night (rudely looked over by the Academy). I think To Sir made the most positive impact. For me to explain it is to ruin it.

    Judy Geeson had been in acting, but this launched her and Lulu's title song was a big hit. This was a movie where the whole group worked together well. The teachers are made up of some well known British actors. Suzy Kendall, who is an innocent, was a top model at the time. Ann Bell and Geoffrey Bayldon played a lot on Brit TV. And, Patricia Routledge would become very well known later on Keeping Up Appearances.

    The story deals with growing up, living with mixed cultures and taking responsibility for one's actions. One of the best films about respect without being phony.

    The story was directed and written by James Clavell, who was nominated for best director and also did The Great Escape and Shogun. The score was done by Ron Grainer, who also did Dr. Who and The Prisoner.

    Now to your question. I couldn't find much in particular to comments about cinematography or film editing. What you see below is the best. If there are interviews, I do not know of them. Certainly for its time, the big issue was racial interaction. It is the best example I know of in film that puts non-whites in the white mainstream and cultural memory - actually being a part of it. The relative newness of colour film added impact here (BTW - 1967 was the year that colour TV started in the US). Many of the British movies in the 60s dealt with harsh social realism, which would pick up in the US in the 70s. This film is a breath of fresh air in that it it is about hope during this period. Much of Brit films and later American films would go the other way. In terms of cinematography and editing, the film interacts very well with Thackery's daily life in both music and scenes. They both play an important part in the character development of the star and the supporting cast and leaves you with a strong emotional feeling in the end.

    The cinematographer was Paul Beeson, who also did Willow, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


    Mark Wiggins, who has worked with Beeson

    And, Edited by Peter Thornton, who also worked on Bunny Lake is Missing, The Rover and My Side of the Mountain.


    Some Webpages that may help you:


    To Sir With Love site



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    </div><div class='quotemain'> And, Patricia Routledge would become very well known later on Keeping Up Appearances. [/b]
    Wirralian. wink

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    Sidney Poitier is one of my all time favourite actors. Did he ever recieve an Honorary Kinghthood?

    Ta Ta

    Marky B thumbs_u

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