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    I remember years ago a really dark and gothic film on TV, based on the Alice in Wonderland story.

    If my memory serves, it was the good ol' plastacine models - and was something you would get if Tim Burton took Acid and decided to do Alice in Wonderland!!!

    Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Anyone remember what it was called or any details.


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    The film was called ALICE and it was made by the Czech surrealist film-maker Jan Svankmajer in 1988

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    It might well be the Svankmajer film (which was an acknowledged influence on Tim Burton and Henry Selick's The Nightmare Before Christmas), but there isn't any actual plasticine animation in it!

    Or at least I honestly can't remember any - the various creatures are based around real objects (stuffed rabbits, animal skeletons, pieces of meat) animated via stop-motion, or even simpler concepts such as dubbing human baby cries over a real piglet.

    Still, this page has plenty of stills to help as a memory-jogger. Oh, and it's a British co-production, so it's technically on-topic here!

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