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    I bought this film that stars Jessie Matthews and expected to see George Zucco

    in it, but I could not see him.He plays the uncredited part of Fauntley.Does

    anyone know the film and at what point George , briefly appears.It is a 1933 film

    THanks Michael

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    I guess reading the JB Priestley would give a clue to Fauntley's whereabouts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lllIIlllIIlllIIl View Post
    I guess reading the JB Priestley would give a clue to Fauntley's whereabouts.
    Oh. Yes Indeed!IIII!!!IIIIII??

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    The character never appears to be actually named in the 1933 version, but is named and introduced in the 1980s TV version (Epiosde 3 : Supper at the Royal Standard) as one of the 3 degreed members of staff of the school ("Robert Fauntley, M.A. (Oxon)", played by Nigel Stock) at which Inigo Jollifant teaches.

    From that, it could only be deduced that this is Zucco, in the 1933 film.

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    Now that's what you want from a forum member when you post a question. Well done Arthur.

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