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    From www.cream2005 site (in celebration of the recent Cream reunion at RAH), there is a very good question about an animated film a fan saw about 8 years ago in a private home. It was ridiculous really, but in the vein of Yellow Submarine. Many loony antics with the cartoon characters of Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce. He could describe scenes he remembered seeing, so he's not just making this up creatively. I've searched & searched for clues but have come up short. If anyone knows this movie, it's title, it's director or anything I can search on, please let me know. Cheers!

    Peace, Love & Guitars!

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    Great music from Cream, especially Badge, one of my all time favourites. Sorry, can't help with the animated film - sounds intriguing though



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    Thank you Rob, yes Badge is one of my favs too. Still hoping someone knows how to track this down. All clues appreciated!- Gina

    Here's more about the cartoon: a buddie had this cartoon of them playing at his pad. It was probably made during the time "Yellow Submarine" was made, since it looks almost like the same damn thing. They even have wierd monsters that look like large boars in diapers and bonnets. It was pretty trippy. It involved a lot of takes of them running around on a hill (Ben Nevis?) and eating these coco-cakes. Actually, there was an extended scene (10 minutes about)where all the are doing is eating cakes in this moving diner and the guys look at ginger, who turned into a giant horse sitting on a glass toilet, and oddly appears to be defecating money. Wierd stuff.

    Then there is this awesome race scene. KEEP in mind, Cream tunes (some without th words) are playing in the background... Believe it or not, "Wierd of Hermiston" , without vocals, is whatw as in this part (the race scene)! Ginger has his own car while Jack and Eric are in a motorcyle/sidecar outfit. Jack is in the sidecar and loudly laughs at Ginger when they try to pass him, and Ginger wipes out and gets startled. For some reason, eric has no legs in this part. The Pressed rat and warthog story is also animated, with Jack (!) narrating it.

    There was a lot more to it, and i can't remember everything, and I didn't know how awesome it was until I actually got into the band more. I haven't seen it since, and I have no clue how to get it. My buddy? Who knows where he is. It has to be, like, 7 years since I saw it. Oh yeah- Jack eerily sounded like Fran Drescher from the "Nanny" sitcom when he talked on it, so I don't think the used his, or any of the band members real voices in the dialouge,

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