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    I'm trying to source a 20s (ish) Roman movie with a scene with a woman in a cloak running through the street (day/night). (This isn't a particular scene I've seen and can't find again - it's the type of thing I'm looking for)

    Anyone got any suggestions of a movie which has a scene like this?

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    Well, the Roman era was as popular with '20's filmmakers as it is now...Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, King of Kings if you're looking for a Hollywood Biblical setting...if you are looking for authentic Italian, the early versions of Quo Vadis and The Last Days of Pompeii, and Cabiria date from the 1910's but look later due to their lavish production values....the 1920's Ben Hur features his family (Mother, sister) heavily, so would be a good place to start. It's also a great film, better than Charlton Heston's 1950's version. Available on the MGM Classics label on vhs, or from Photoplay Ltd if you are a clip researcher...

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