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    Does anyone know who replaced Alexander Gauge as Friar Tuck or a similar character when Gauge was taken ill for a short time? The character may have been played as Friar Tuck's brother. I don't fancy buying them all to find out!

    Many thanks

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    Have you got the character correct? Here is an extract from the excellent Whirligig web site:-

    '.............Rufus Cruickshank, a Scots actor, replaced Archie Duncan as Little John for about ten episodes of the series after an accident on the set. A heavy piece of scenery was about to fall on some children and Duncan pushed the kids out of the way. The set fell on him and broke his leg. He received a medal for his good deed. Cruikshank was well fitted for the part as he stood 6 feet 5 inches and he grew a red beard for his stand-in role..........'

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