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    The Northern Echo : News, Sport, Business, Leisure from the North East and North Yorkshire

    'Mining a rich seam of film'

    by Steve Pratt

    "There's a great diversity of films," says BFI National Archivist curator Ros Cranston.

    "People's expectations might be of the dark and underground all the time, but one of the highlights for me is seeing miners put on a ballet as a form of fundraising. I was surprised by these burly miners putting on tutus in public and doing a pirouette or two.

    "Other films touch on industrial strife, including a film made by women showing the 1984 miners strike from another perspective - how the media misrepresented them and the effect on their families."

    Some of them are being shown as part of the AV Festival 10

    at Tyneside Cinema, Sunday, 14 March '10, under title


    AV Festival

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    I can barely contain my excitement at this thrilling news!

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    name='Brief Encounter']I can barely contain my excitement at this thrilling news!

    [ame=""]YouTube- Mining Review (1954)[/ame]

    The one about turning coal into beer is pretty cool.

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    The first volume of Coal Board films from the BFI - 'Portrait of a Miner' - is excellent.

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    I was watching this sequence of films recently:

    [ame=""]YouTube- Parkside Part 1- Newton-le-Willows[/ame]

    A bit dry but interesting to see how such a deep shaft was sunk.

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    More classic cinema from the BFI.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Two Cooks and a Cabbage (1941)[/ame]

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    name='will.15']More classic cinema from the BFI.

    Not Casablanca, but hopefully it does bring home to those too young - or too abroad - that the UK during the War was rationed to the hilt, bordering on malnutrition, so that the nutritional goodness of half a home-grown cabbage was a big deal and not to be wasted. There were many such films - in WW1 as well as WW2.

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    The first item on the 1954 Mining Review is of interest to me regarding those National Coal Board pre-fabricated concrete houses on those new estates built for miners and their families, for we moved from Stockport to the then newly built…well, as it turned out, still being built…NCB Coalville Estate at Weston Coyney in Stoke-on-Trent in the summer of 1954 when my late father got a job as a miner in the now non-existent north Staffordshire coalfields.

    Coming from a Victorian end terraced house with no bathroom and an outside toilet in the backyard, it was a great novelty going to a brand new house with an inside toilet and bathroom in it. The house was so new, that the plaster was still wet on the walls, the workmen having just finished there shortly before we arrived. The estate of around 500 houses was still a big building site and the roads weren’t tarmaced yet and neither were the pavements. The gas and electricity weren’t yet on in our house at what was then number 1, Raglan Street (long since renamed Dimmelow Street) and weren’t connected for another two days and we had to cook our first meal (egg and bacon) on an open coal fire.

    My father wasn’t the kind of person to go around taking photos of the area, but the fact that he took this shot of myself, aged eight, my auntie and younger sister on my older brother’s wedding day on Saturday, June 11th, 1955, standing outside our home at 1, Raglan Street, does afford us a background view of the other NCB houses in Raglan Street. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why am I proudly holding that 1954 Dinky Toy bus, much to the disdain of my sister? Well, that’s another story. We lived there for fourteen years, until 1968, by which time the estate was rapidly falling into a state of serious disrepair.

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    I always thought 'Strike' was the best.....

    'Yeah change that line to car smashes through plate glass window...'

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