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    Can anyone help me to name a film I saw years and years ago, probably late 80's or early 90's. I can only remember snippets of it so my description is not very clear. The title was '_ and _' and was actually the characters names, which I can't actually remember! The story was centered around a young boy and girl.. the girl seemed to have gone through a traumatic experience and saw her father killed while she hid under a bed. She is quite attached to some sort of doll, I think. The girl sings Frere Jacques quite a few times, not sure if she is actually French. I think the boy manages to help the girl to become less traumatised in the end.

    Anyone got any ideas? I will let you know if I remember anything else about it.

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    This was a TV movie called The Child of Glass. It was by Disney in the late 70's.

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    Are you out there Feefsmall?!!

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    Frère Jacques, frère Jacques

    Dormez-vous, dormez-vous ?

    Sonnez les mâtines, sonnez les mâtines,

    Ding, ding, dong, ding, ding, dong.


    Nous avons ajouté....:

    Frère Jacques (bis)

    Mangez vous (bis)

    Beurrez les tartines (bis)

    Schlim, schlam, schlom (bis)

    Frère Jacques (bis)

    Buvez-vous (bis)

    De la grenadine (bis)

    Glou, glou, glou (bis).

    Aussi en anglais :

    Brother Jack (bis)

    Are you sleeping (bis)

    Hear the bells are ringing (bis)

    Ding, dong, bell (bis)

    et en allemand :

    Bruder Jakob (bis)

    Schläfst du noch (bis)

    Hörst du nicht die Glocken (bis)

    Bim, bam, boum (bis)

    Canon à quatre voix

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    I remember Tom Skerrit's psycho killer whistling this song in the final episode of "Bonanza" ("The Hunter") as he stalked Michael Landon. Made a pretty spooky episode even creepier.

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    Not to mention 'Comancheros' and ' The five Pennies' - I TOLD YOU NOT TO MENTION THAT!!!

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    Frere Jacques is also featured in The Beatles' No. 1 hit Paperback Writer, when John and George are singing backing vocals to the third and fourth verses. A year later, they incorporated La Marseillaise into another of their chart-toppers, All You Need is Love.

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