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    I love the Plunkett & Maclaine soundtrack, in fact, I wanted a couple of the tunes playing at my funeral (hanging & escape which play as one), BUT Craig Armstrong seems to have done a Moby! Some of the dramatic tracks have found themselves all over. Adverts, tv trailers, the x-factor (wife shouts "it's your song on again"), football teams walking onto the pitch to it! The music is heard EVERYWHERE these days. I've lost *my* parting track to the commercial masses, so I'll have to wait for the sequel

    Anyone else got a track from a movie that they'd like to have played as their parting tune?

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    Football Fight from Queen's soundtrack to Flash Gordon, but only if there's real fighting to accompany it and someone shouts "Goggle's alive!!" in their best Brian Blessed voice at the end.

    Otherwise I'll settle for someone reciting Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden (as seen in Four Weddings & a Funeral).
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