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    A few years ago The BBC showed a natural history programme called Wild Mallorca. There was a classical guitar piece as part of the backgroud very early on in the film which sounded very Rodrigo-like. PLEASE, can anyone help me with the title. The jobsworths at the BBC just don't want to know. I could email the piece in question, it's only about 1 minute and 16 seconds long.



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    Maybe these links will be of some use to you:

    Classical Music: Identify Music Clip, violin sonatas, violin sonata

    Classical Music: Please identify the music in this video clip, language narration, music score

    I'd recommend you upload the clip yo Imafeshack to save you emailing it. They will host the file and provide a link which you can copy and paste so that people can just click the link to hear the piece of music.

    ImageShack® - Image Hosting

    Fingers crossed!

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