Given the earlier 'War' and 'Comedy' collections this is something of a mixed bag. Dead of Night and Went The Day Well? are two gems worth owning, but sadly the other two are not amongst the studios better productions.

Went The Day Well / Dead Of Night / Nicholas Nickleby / Scott Of The Antarctic (DVD Box Set).

Directed by: Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer, Charles Frend

In 'Went The Day Well' a small English village is invaded by German paratroopers disguised as soldiers of the Royal Engineers. A could-it-happen propaganda film from World War II. In 'Dead Of Night' Walter Craig visits Pilgrim's Farm and recognises all the guests but he doesn't know from where. Eventually he realises that their faces constantly recur in a dream of unspeakable horror. 'Nichols Nickleby' is the classic Charles Dicken's tale of a man who is deprived of his inheritance and travels to seek his fortune with a group of gypsies. 'Scott Of The Antarctic' is a film adaptation of the dangerous 1912 expedition to conquer the South Pole. Scott's intrepid team are beaten by the Norwegians in the Arctic race and the heroic journey ended in catastrophe.