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Thread: My want list

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    Any costs involved are no probs.....


    The femenine touch

    Valley of Song (Mine has a jumpy part at end)

    Man in the sky

    the shiralee

    barnacle bill


    nowhere to go

    the seige of pinchgut

    touch and go

    the night my number came up

    out of the clouds

    the divided heart

    lease of life

    the rainbow jacket

    west of zanzibar

    the love lottery

    meet mr lucifer

    the gentle gunman

    i believe in you

    secret people

    his excellency

    where no vultures fly

    cage of gold

    bitter springs

    dance hall

    another shore

    it always rains on sunday


    the loves of joanna godden

    the overlanders

    they came to a city


    cheer boys cheer

    young mans fancy

    the four just men

    the ware case

    the gaunt stranger


    escape 1930

    birds of prey 1930

    a honeymoon adventure 1931

    the water gypsies 1932

    nine till six 1932

    the impassive footman 1932

    love on the spot 1932

    the bailiffs 1932

    perfect understanding 1933

    to brighton with gladys 1933

    three men in a boat 1933

    loyalties 1933

    this week of grace 1933

    Tiger bay 1934

    the right to live 1933

    the fortunate fool 1933

    the house of trent 1933

    autumn crocus 1934

    love life and laughter 1934

    rolling in the money 1934

    the secret of the loch 1934

    the perfect flaw 1934

    java head 1934

    the public life of henry IX 1935

    the dictator 1935

    death drives through 1935

    it happened in paris 1935

    the silent passenger 1935

    honeymoon for three 1935

    midshipman easy 1935

    play up the band 1935

    whom the gods love 1936

    cheer up 1936

    queen of hearts 1936

    laburnum grove 1936

    calling the tune 1936

    a woman alone 1936

    guilty melody 1936

    the beloved vagabond 1936

    the lonely road 1936

    tropical trouble 1936

    dreams come true 1936

    the house of the spaniard 1936

    olympic honeymoon 1936

    take a chance 1937

    whoes your lady friend? 1937

    the girl in the taxi 1937

    brief ecstasy 1937

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    The femInine touch YES

    the shiralee YES

    nowhere to go YES

    the night my number came up YES

    out of the clouds

    lease of life YES

    the rainbow jacket YES

    the love lottery YES

    meet mr Lucifer YES

    the gentle gunman YES

    i believe in you YES

    secret people YES

    where no vultures fly YES

    cage of gold YES

    dance hall YES

    it always rains on Sunday YES

    frieda YES

    the loves of joanna godden YES

    the overlanders YES

    they came to a city YES

    undercover YES

    cheer boys cheer YES

    the four just men YES

    midshipman easy 1935 YES


    Rage in Heaven

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    Just noticed your list of films - My Grandmother was in Midshipman Easy (1935) with Margaret Lockwood and I've been looking for a copy of this for her for years, with no luck. Is there any way I can beg/borrow/buy etc... a copy of this from you if you still have it?? Thats if its in a state that can be copied..?! I;ve not been able to find it anywhere else?!

    Many thanks,


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    I have Cheer Up ,cheer boys cheer,Four Just Men,Love Life and Laughter,Queen of Hearts,Midshipman Easy.Let me know if you are interested.

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    I have a copy of "All At Sea", which is the British version of "Barnacle Bill". Very difficult to get hold of!

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    Well you're all far too late. The original post is over three years old. The Midhsipman Easy request is very recent, however.

    May I ask, steedie, who your grandmother is?

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    name='JamesM']Well you're all far too late. The original post is over three years old. The Midhsipman Easy request is very recent, however.

    How do you know?

    He/she may be still looking.

    "I am feed up with this flaming job"

    Lucky they replaced Bill Travers with Peter Finch though. As I recall they gave Jim Macauley a right old kicking at the end of The Shiralee, and that wouldn't have been fair on George Adamson.

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    This is a message meant for Steadie. You can very easily obtain this film under another title. "Men of the Sea" aka "Midshipman Easy" (1935) with Hughie Green and Margaret Lockwood has been released on vhs. It is for sale at Nostalgia Family Video's Hollywood's Attic discount tapes video tapes video tape discount discount video tapes hollywoods attic hollywood videos classic movies classic movie hard to find videos hollywood videos hard to find video sale

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