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    name='cornershop15'] It may have been a laugh for Madonna to go on chat shows with Sandra Bernhard but Dusty Springfield was frightened of being 'found out' I think. Have I got that right? Is that why she became very reclusive during the Seventies and Eighties?

    Everything about every aspect of Dusty's life is available here, Cornershop........

    Let's Talk Dusty! The Ultimate Site for Dusty Springfield Fans

    We fans had a tribute day last Sunday, three authoresses of Dusty bio's were there and commented on how difficult it was for her to hide behind a 'mask', she partially came out in an Evening Standard interview in 1970, emigrated to the USA in 1973 mainly due to ongoing media speculation, and returned to Britain in the early 90's........

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    To get back to Mr. Teasey-Weasey. The first time I saw him, he was in a show called QUITE CONTRARY. He started to talk about a ladies hair style, and used terms like " a teasey- weasey" and "an itsy-bitsy". It may have had many viewers laughing and even in some cases taking the mickey, but it made him an overnight star and gave him a famous nick name. People tuned in and looked forward to hear some of his terminology. So much so, that he was one week, in the celeberity guest spot on WHAT'S MY LINE? I may be wrong but I do not think he was popular with Gilbert Harding.

    QUITE CONTRARY was introduced by orchestra leader, Ray Martine. It also, I believe, featured The Littlewood Songsters. It also gave rise to fame to singers Joan Reagan, Ruby Murray and Jill Westlake. It was broadcast in the 1950's. I was a schoolboy at the time and am doing this from memory.

    As far as Dusty Springfield is concerned, I remember her standing near me prior to her going on the main stage/rostrum at the California Ballroom in Dunstable during the 1960's. She was more dainty than she looked on television. She was a superb performer. Since learning about her gender, it has not bothered me in the slightest.

    Alan French.

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    Evidently, P.B.Raymond(e) aka Pierre Raymond aka Mr Teasie Weasie was the owner of the 1976 Grand National winner "Rag Trade". Previously he had been a part owner of the 1963 Grand National winner "Ayala".

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    Daily Mirror article, 5th April 1965

    Best to save image and 'Zoom In' if you have trouble reading the text.

    I was just twelve days old when this celebrity wedding took place. Beautiful bride Rosalie Ashley was half Teasy's age:

    Added bonus:

    Rosalie made the front cover of Picturegoer:

    14th February 1959 edition.

    Further to earlier posts ...

    From the BBC Sport webpage Celebrities enjoy winning ways:

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