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    Parkinson: The Richard Burton Interviews
    BBC4 ... Wednesday 2nd May 2012 ... 10.00-10.40pm

    Richard Burton ... a much missed, much loved actor ...
    Burton is in fine form in this superb interview from 1974.

    Burton impersonates Sir Laurence Olivier and Lee Marvin ... there is a wonderful clip from Becket ... and at the very end Burton recites one of Churchill's finest war-time speeches with all the incredible power of delivery that only Richard Burton, with that fabulous voice, could do.
    A must-see ... Burton really was The Voice. Stunning.

    Michael Parkinson looks back at his unique interview with talented and troubled film star Richard Burton. Back in 1974, Burton was battling against alcoholism and had spent six weeks in hospital for treatment prior to the interview. Parkinson persuaded him to talk candidly about his career, love life and drink problems.
    Source: DigiGuide
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    It is a remarkable interview. Candid, raw, intimate without sensation.

    Parky at his best too. We just don't have anyone to match him now - no long form interviewing of any real quality. Mark Lawson is probably the best but he is too nerdy and restrained to bring people out of themselves.

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    Watched it this morning and enjoyed the show very much. Interesting to see Burton's habit of constantly lighting a cigarette, having a few puffs and then stubbing it out before lighting a fresh one a few minutes later. Parkinson is numero uno when it comes to chat shows (and he likes westerns !!)

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    I watched this first in 1995 when this series was shown and remember it showing a side of Burton (the mimicry, etc) that I was not aware of at the time. It really shows how great an actor and presence this man was. Brilliant stuff, we will not see the like again.

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    It's on youtube.

    Parky looks a tad casual. Where's his tie?

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