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    spent a very enjoyable day yesterday at elstree with old mate dave prowse, producer gary kurtz, kenny baker and others along with 300 fans at the star wars event.
    they used stage 7 and the events room and the 8 hours flew by down memory lane. i still remember visiting the sets of star wars in 1976 and telling george lucas it had little chance of success ! :)
    gary was telling me yesterday they had almost settled on shooting it in rome as pinewood and shepperton were too busy when 20th century fox suggested he try elstree even though his list showed the studio as closing. the rest is history.
    as i was coming out there was a queue of 300 waiting to come in to see a recording of 'the voice' on the george lucas stage erected in 1999

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    Hi Paul. Any chance you know who played this guy in the cantina? I just posted a new thread looking for him. Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 4.05.28 PM.png

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