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    The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery (1966)

    13:00 on Monday 8th December on Channel 4.

    British comedy in which pupils of the infamous girls' school get involved in a crime caper. The girls move into a new building which, unbeknown to them, has been used to store the fruits of a train robbery. When one of the robbers sends his delinquent daughters to the school to find out where the loot is stashed, things turn predictably chaotic.

    The Black Rider (1954)

    03:05 on Friday 12th December on ITV1.

    A bright young reporter with a motorbike investigates when he discovers smugglers 'haunting' a ruined castle.

    The Railway Children (1970)

    16:30 on Saturday 13th December on Channel 4.

    Classic, charming period drama based on E Nesbit's book about three children whose lives change dramatically after they move from a comfortable townhouse to a small Yorkshire cottage near a railway line. Their mother is forced to make the move after their father was wrongly imprisoned, but the children - ignorant of the circumstances - soon settle into their new home, enchanted by the countryside and enthralled by the railway.

    The Wooden Horse (1950)

    18:30 on Saturday 13th December on BBC 2.

    Story of one of the most ingenious escape bids of World War II, in which the British prisoners of Stalag Luft III daringly endeavour to tunnel out of the camp - in full view of the unsuspecting German guards.

    The Hi-Jackers (1963)

    03:00 on Monday 15th December on ITV1.

    Crime thriller. When a young haulage contractor sets off for London to deliver a valuable cargo of whiskey, he is unaware that his absent co-driver has given details of the load and international route to a gang of hijackers.

    Non British:

    The Black Cat (1934)

    01:25 on Sunday 14th December on BBC 2.

    A man in search of an Austrian architect who betrayed his country during World War I, locates the architect's European castle home, wherein lies a terrifying secret. A honeymooning couple are caught in the middle of the ensuing battle. The first film teaming Karloff and Lugosi.

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    I really recommend The Black Rider, starring Jimmy Hanley. If you haven't seen it before, try to remember to set the video (unlike me a few weeks ago, after praising The Demi Paradise and then forgetting all about it until the next morning! [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif[/img] I wanted (still want)a copy of that film!)

    The Black Rider is a modest little 1950's comedy/thriller but is just the sort of slightly-out-of-the-way film that hardly ever gets shown on TV, now that the late lamented Carlton Cinema has risen to that film paradise in the skies.

    Don't forget!



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