Siege of the Saxons (1963)

13:10 on Monday 15th December on Channel 4.

Arthurian legend meets Robin Hood in this zestful medieval adventure about a swashbuckling outlaw who takes on the invading Saxons when King Arthur is murdered and a traitor takes his place. With the help of the mystical Merlin, the outlaw sets about restoring the rightful heir - King Arthur's daughter - to the throne.

Director: Nathan Juran

Starring: Janette Scott, Ronald Lewis, Ronald Howard, John Laurie, Mark Dignam

Shout at the Devil (1976)

00:10 on Tuesday 16th December on BBC 1.

Action drama set in Mozambique at the outset of World War I. An American ivory poacher and an expatriate Englishman take on the might of the German navy in East Africa by attempting to blow up a German warship being repaired in Zanzibar. Based on the best-selling novel by Wilbur Smith, who also co-wrote the screenplay.

Director: Peter R Hunt

Starring: Lee Marvin, Roger Moore, Barbara Parkins, Ian Holm, Rene Kolldehoff, Horst Janson

Smokescreen (1964)

03:30 on Thursday 18th December on Grampian.

An insurance investigator delves into a mysterious accident in the south of England. Enjoyable thriller, starring Peter Vaughan and John Carson

Final Appointment (1954)

10:20 on Thursday 18th December on BBC 2.

A reporter and his girlfriend are catapulted into a web of fear and intrigue when they unravel the clues to a series of murders. They soon discover that the clues are linked to a wartime court-martial, and certain events have occurred on the same day for three successive years.

Director: Terence Fisher

Starring: John Bentley, Eleanor Summerfield, Meredith Edwards

Rasputin (1996) (HBO TV)

00:10 on Friday 19 December on BBC1

In a production that's as far from staid television costume drama as you can get, Alan Rickman is dangerously dynamic as the Mad Monk and spiritual adviser to Russia's royals. His performance is matched by Greta Scacchi as Tsarina Alexandra and by Ian McKellen as Tsar Nicholas. There are historical inaccuracies, but it nevertheless captures the atmosphere of the time when the Russian royal family was confronting the onset of revolution.

Iris (2001)

21:25 on Saturday 20 December on BBC2

Judi Dench is mesmerising here as writer Iris Murdoch and she is well matched by Jim Broadbent as Murdoch's husband, John Bayley. The film switches easily between encounters involving the young Iris and John (Kate Winslet and Hugh Bonneville) and deeply moving scenes as the older writer slowly succumbs Alzheimer's disease.

Great Expectations (1946)

12:05 on Sunday 21st December on BBC 2.

David Lean's vivid adaptation of the Dickens classic about a poor young orphan who becomes a gentleman of means, thanks to a mysterious benefactor. The opening sequence in which the youngster encounters a fearsome escaped convict in a graveyard is one of the cinema's classic scenes. Academy Awards for cinematography and art direction.

Director: David Lean

Starring: John Mills, Valerie Hobson, Bernard Miles, Francis L Sullivan, Finlay Currie, Martita Hunt

Prince and the Pauper, The (1962) (US-TV)

13:15 on Sunday 21st December on Five.

Disney version of Mark Twain's story about two young lookalikes - one a maltreated orphan, the other Edward Tudor, the Prince of Wales. After meeting each other and finding they are identical, the two boys hatch a mischievous plot and switch places with one another. However, it's not long before trouble escalates.

Director: Don Chappey

Starring: Sean Scully, Donald Houston, Niall MacGinnis, Jane Asher, Laurence Naismith, Dorothy Alison

Undercover Girl (1957)

03:05 on Monday 22nd December on ITV1 London.

Crime drama about the brother-in-law of a murdered investigative journalist who uncovers a drug ring while trying to bring his relative's killer to justice. His enquiries lead him to the narcotics syndicate which the reporter was probing and a nightclub run by a notorious hostess concerned about her sister's friendship with the club's shady owner. Can the narcotics syndicate be broken and the murderer be identified?

Director: Francis Searle

Starring: Paul Carpenter, Kay Callard, Monica Grey, Bruce Seton, Jackie Collins, Maya Koumani