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  1. wycliffe title scene
  2. Nightingales locations
  3. Sherlock
  4. Smuggler
  5. THE SAINT: The Man Who Could Not Die
  6. Mansion in Yorkshire: The Racing Game and Stay Lucky
  7. Dempsey & Makepeace
  8. Miscellaneous Locations
  9. two more wycliffe questions!
  10. Danger Man Location for sale on ebay
  11. THE AVENGERS: Mission ... Highly Improbable
  12. Unused footage of THE SAINT's Volvo
  13. The Silent Land
  14. The Persuaders: A Home of One's Own location
  15. Rogue Male
  16. Colditz TV series
  17. Unidentified Back Projection from THE BARON
  18. The Avengers: Esprit De Corps
  19. Nice Mansion
  20. Royal Albert Hall
  21. Edgwarebury Hotel
  22. Conspiracy of Silence - Looking for a park near Teddington
  23. The Saint - Queen's Ransom
  24. Grim's Dyke Hotel
  25. High Canons
  26. Knebworth House
  27. Wykehurst Place
  28. A Two Mews Problem
  29. Location used in The Sweeney and Minder
  30. Wycliffe-Dead Flautist and Standing Stone
  31. Location Of Village In Vanity Dies Hard - The Ruth Rendell Mysteries
  32. 32 brinkburn street
  33. Quaint village from THE CHAMPIONS: The Final Countdown
  34. A few missing locations from THE SAINT: The Master Plan
  35. Hampstead Heath in The Avengers
  36. PATHFINDERS: Sitting Ducks (1971)
  37. When The Boat Comes In
  38. Hamburger Kidnapped!
  39. GIDEON'S WAY: The Lady-Killer
  40. Locations That Are Not Allowed To Die
  41. GIDEON'S WAY: The Perfect Crime (the mews)
  42. NEW TRICKS - God's Waiting Room
  43. Where did they catch the last train through harecastle tunnel?
  44. No Hiding Place?
  45. church in Wycliffe--Faith
  46. Forever Green locations
  47. THE PRISONER - Tyrolean Twisty Bits
  48. home to roost title sequences
  49. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Quick and the Dead
  50. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Dual Control
  51. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Struggle for a Mind
  52. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Struggle for a Mind - part 2
  53. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The 24-Hour Man
  54. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Conscience on a Rack (one for Railway enthusiasts)
  55. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Solo Performance (Theatreland)
  56. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Skeleton in the Cupboard
  57. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Wild Goose Chase (part 1)
  58. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Wild Goose Chase (part 2)
  59. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Wild Goose Chase (part 3)
  60. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Enemy Outside (London Docks)
  61. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Heartbeats in a Tin Box (part 1 - a girls school)
  62. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Heartbeats in a Tin Box (part 2)
  63. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Man Who Fell Apart
  64. THE PRISONER: Do Not Forsake me Oh My Darling (back projection)
  65. Midsomer murders/opening credits location
  66. The Champions - The Night People
  67. THE SAINT: The Chequered Flag - Brands Hatch?
  68. A distinctive house
  69. THE SAINT in Amsterdam
  70. Striker
  71. Midsomer Murders (The Noble Art) house
  72. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Flipside Man
  73. THE AVENGERS: Epic (a Borehamwood road trip)
  74. Greensleeves - The Persuaders RIP (Rest in Pieces)
  75. life of riley
  76. New Scotland Yard
  77. flambards location
  78. Poirot Location - The Mysterious Affair at Styles
  79. Railway arch in THE PROFESSIONALS - No Stone
  80. Bless Me, Father
  81. Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett)
  82. Hunter's Walk
  83. MAN FROM INTERPOL: Odds on Murder
  84. Terry and June
  85. Location Of Seakings In The Box Of Delights
  86. New Tricks-stylish apartment block
  87. THE SAINT: The Invisible Millionaire - Unknown Lock
  88. Wallander: seeking Swedish locations
  89. Wycliffe-Faith
  90. The Inbetweeners (TV Show)
  91. The Professionals - train station help?
  92. The blue carbuncle ( hotel?)
  93. The Professionals - this one is driving me mad!
  94. Mark Saber of London
  95. Benwood School in "Back Home" (2001) - Sarah Lancashire, Stephanie Cole
  96. Milton Keynes
  97. More 'The Professionals' car run-bys
  98. And another run-by from 'The Professionals'
  99. Location from THE PRISONER: 'Many Happy Returns' found at last
  100. Bee Gees Stayin' Alive
  101. Shoestring - Find the Lady
  102. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK - Just for the Record
  103. To Kill a Saint - A Cobbler, a Locksmith and a Butcher may hold the key?
  104. Tomorrow People location help
  105. 7 of 1: I'll Fly You For A Quid
  106. THE AVENGERS: The Danger Makers - An high-rise view of London
  107. THE AVENGERS: The Girl From Auntie
  108. House in Danger Man episode 'Are you going to be more permanent?'
  109. Star Maidens (1976)
  110. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK back projection
  111. New Tricks/Silent Witness house.
  112. Silent Witness/Crypt/Edwin Drood
  113. More RANDALL AND HOPKIRK back projection
  114. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK - or There and Back Again, back projection
  115. Another popular back plate - Avengers, Saint etc.
  116. Unused footage from THE BARON - featuring stunt cat
  117. DEPARTMENT S and RANDALL AND HOPKIRK Jaguar footage
  118. Car Crusher Footage - around July 1967
  119. Location Of Church In Danger UXB Episode Butterfly Winter (1979)
  120. Branagh's Wallander website
  121. The Avengers: False Witness
  122. The Avengers: Legacy of Death
  123. The Avengers: Wish You Were Here
  124. The Avengers: Killer
  125. The Avengers: The Rotters
  126. The Avengers: The Rotters (again)
  127. And There's More... The Avengers: The Rotters
  128. The Champions : The Gilded Cage
  129. Randall & Hopkirk (The Ghost Talks)
  130. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK: Smile Behind the Veil
  131. THE AVENGERS: Great Great Britian Crime
  132. THE AVENGERS: Requiem
  133. Minder "Birdman of Wormwood Scrubs"
  134. Same Train in Two Avengers episode - train spotters ho!
  135. THE AVENGERS: The Morning After
  136. Worzel gummidge filming locations?
  137. Hunter's Walk
  138. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK: It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water
  139. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK: The Trouble With Women - ornate ironwork
  140. THE AVENGERS: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
  141. The Young Ones: Nasty
  142. QUATERMASS AND THE PIT Church location TV version
  143. The New Avengers in Scotland
  144. The New Avengers: The Eagle's Nest
  145. terry and june
  146. The New Avengers: House of Cards
  147. The New Avengers: The Last of the Cybernauts...??
  148. The New Avengers: To Catch a Rat
  149. The New Avengers: Rat 2
  150. The New Avengers: Cat Amongst the Pigeons
  151. "Minder On The Orient Express"
  152. The Power Game - 'Private Treaty'/'Without Prejudice' location
  153. Impressive gateways to country houses - in Yorkshire?
  154. "Minder"-Looking For Mickey
  155. "Minder"-Get Daley
  156. Homes Under The Hammer
  157. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
  158. Last Tango in Halifax
  159. THE NEW AVENGERS: Sleeper
  161. MAN OF THE WORLD: The Mindreader - 17 locations to identify
  162. Jack the Ripper 1988
  163. Restless locations
  164. Midsomer Murders location - futuristic house
  165. Last of the summer wine - Norman Clegg's house? Its location please!
  166. The New Professionals - 'Phoenix'
  167. The New Professionals - 'Back To Business' p1
  168. The New Professionals - 'Back To Business' p2
  169. Thriller: Someone at the Top of the Stairs
  170. The New Professionals - HIGH SPEED
  171. The New Professionals -SOUVENIR
  172. 'Casanova 73' house location
  173. CATS Eyes - help with country mansion required
  174. Deeves Hall and barn, Ridge, Hertfordshire
  175. The New Professionals -SOUVENIR
  176. The New Professionals - Miss Hit
  177. The New Professionals -Samurai Wind
  178. The New Professionals. More from the UK shows.
  179. The New Professionals. Cape Town.
  180. The Avengers - public access to Tykes Water Bridge?
  181. JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Poor Butterfly
  182. The Professionals -series titles
  183. JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Beckoning Fair One
  184. JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Eve (fantasy sequence)
  185. JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Paper Dolls (James Hill: 1968)
  186. The New Avengers: Pinewood Studios
  187. Location of House in Menace Unseen (1988)
  188. The War Game - locations found.
  189. Minder locations
  190. birds of a feather filming location?
  191. Caravan Club
  192. Star Maidens
  193. Only Fools And Horses - As One Door Closes (the butterfly one)
  194. Poirot - The Adventure of the Clapham Cook
  195. The Professionals - Cry Wolf
  196. CFF Serial 'Five On A Treasure Island (1957)'
  197. Get Some In
  198. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK: When the Spirit Moves You (back plate)
  199. Gangsta Granny locations........
  200. Kizzy (1976)
  201. Man in a Suitcase LOCATION
  202. Did TV Shows Overflow From BBC Elstree to Goldcrest Elstree?
  203. Dempsey and Makepeace Railway
  204. DCI Banks (Piece of My Heart) location
  205. The Professionals - one for bus route fans
  206. Location of Pub in Grange Hill - Series 7, Episode 8 (1984)
  207. Danger Man kidnap scene
  208. steptoe and son
  209. DANGER MAN: The Snctuary Missing Railway Lcations
  210. Jason King's groovey Parisian pad
  211. robin's nest - 82 portland road Kensington
  212. The Avengers - Rabley Park
  213. The Avengers -Take me to your leader
  214. the changes
  215. Dracula tv series opera house
  216. Locations in Tales of the Unexpected episode Decoy (1982).
  217. New Tricks- The Queen's Speech - the school
  218. UFO Unconfirmed Filming Locations
  219. Re: "A Touch of Frost" last episode
  220. George Gently police station demolished
  221. Street location?
  222. Location of Town in Master of the Moor - Ruth Rendell Mysteries
  223. upcott seminary location Father Brown