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  1. wycliffe title scene
  2. Nightingales locations
  3. Sherlock
  4. Smuggler
  5. THE SAINT: The Man Who Could Not Die
  6. Mansion in Yorkshire: The Racing Game and Stay Lucky
  7. Dempsey & Makepeace
  8. Miscellaneous Locations
  9. two more wycliffe questions!
  10. Danger Man Location for sale on ebay
  11. THE AVENGERS: Mission ... Highly Improbable
  12. Unused footage of THE SAINT's Volvo
  13. The Silent Land
  14. The Persuaders: A Home of One's Own location
  15. Rogue Male
  16. Colditz TV series
  17. Unidentified Back Projection from THE BARON
  18. The Avengers: Esprit De Corps
  19. Nice Mansion
  20. Royal Albert Hall
  21. Edgwarebury Hotel
  22. Conspiracy of Silence - Looking for a park near Teddington
  23. The Saint - Queen's Ransom
  24. Grim's Dyke Hotel
  25. High Canons
  26. Knebworth House
  27. Wykehurst Place
  28. A Two Mews Problem
  29. Location used in The Sweeney and Minder
  30. Wycliffe-Dead Flautist and Standing Stone
  31. Location Of Village In Vanity Dies Hard - The Ruth Rendell Mysteries
  32. 32 brinkburn street
  33. Quaint village from THE CHAMPIONS: The Final Countdown
  34. A few missing locations from THE SAINT: The Master Plan
  35. Hampstead Heath in The Avengers
  36. PATHFINDERS: Sitting Ducks (1971)
  37. When The Boat Comes In
  38. Hamburger Kidnapped!
  39. GIDEON'S WAY: The Lady-Killer
  40. Locations That Are Not Allowed To Die
  41. GIDEON'S WAY: The Perfect Crime (the mews)
  42. NEW TRICKS - God's Waiting Room
  43. Where did they catch the last train through harecastle tunnel?
  44. No Hiding Place?
  45. church in Wycliffe--Faith
  46. Forever Green locations
  47. THE PRISONER - Tyrolean Twisty Bits
  48. home to roost title sequences
  49. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Quick and the Dead
  50. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Dual Control
  51. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Struggle for a Mind
  52. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Struggle for a Mind - part 2
  53. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The 24-Hour Man
  54. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Conscience on a Rack (one for Railway enthusiasts)
  55. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Solo Performance (Theatreland)
  56. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Skeleton in the Cupboard
  57. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Wild Goose Chase (part 1)
  58. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Wild Goose Chase (part 2)
  59. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Wild Goose Chase (part 3)
  60. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Enemy Outside (London Docks)
  61. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Heartbeats in a Tin Box (part 1 - a girls school)
  62. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: Heartbeats in a Tin Box (part 2)
  63. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Man Who Fell Apart
  64. THE PRISONER: Do Not Forsake me Oh My Darling (back projection)
  65. Midsomer murders/opening credits location
  66. The Champions - The Night People
  67. THE SAINT: The Chequered Flag - Brands Hatch?
  68. A distinctive house
  69. THE SAINT in Amsterdam
  70. Striker
  71. Midsomer Murders (The Noble Art) house
  72. THE HUMAN JUNGLE: The Flipside Man
  73. THE AVENGERS: Epic (a Borehamwood road trip)
  74. Greensleeves - The Persuaders RIP (Rest in Pieces)
  75. life of riley
  76. New Scotland Yard
  77. flambards location
  78. Poirot Location - The Mysterious Affair at Styles
  79. Railway arch in THE PROFESSIONALS - No Stone
  80. Bless Me, Father
  81. Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett)
  82. Hunter's Walk
  83. MAN FROM INTERPOL: Odds on Murder
  84. Terry and June
  85. Location Of Seakings In The Box Of Delights
  86. New Tricks-stylish apartment block
  87. THE SAINT: The Invisible Millionaire - Unknown Lock
  88. Wallander: seeking Swedish locations
  89. Wycliffe-Faith
  90. The Inbetweeners (TV Show)
  91. The Professionals - train station help?
  92. The blue carbuncle ( hotel?)
  93. The Professionals - this one is driving me mad!
  94. Mark Saber of London
  95. Benwood School in "Back Home" (2001) - Sarah Lancashire, Stephanie Cole
  96. Milton Keynes
  97. More 'The Professionals' car run-bys
  98. And another run-by from 'The Professionals'
  99. Location from THE PRISONER: 'Many Happy Returns' found at last
  100. Bee Gees Stayin' Alive
  101. Shoestring - Find the Lady
  102. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK - Just for the Record
  103. To Kill a Saint - A Cobbler, a Locksmith and a Butcher may hold the key?
  104. Tomorrow People location help
  105. 7 of 1: I'll Fly You For A Quid
  106. THE AVENGERS: The Danger Makers - An high-rise view of London
  107. THE AVENGERS: The Girl From Auntie
  108. House in Danger Man episode 'Are you going to be more permanent?'
  109. Star Maidens (1976)
  110. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK back projection
  111. New Tricks/Silent Witness house.
  112. Silent Witness/Crypt/Edwin Drood
  113. More RANDALL AND HOPKIRK back projection
  114. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK - or There and Back Again, back projection
  115. Another popular back plate - Avengers, Saint etc.
  116. Unused footage from THE BARON - featuring stunt cat
  117. DEPARTMENT S and RANDALL AND HOPKIRK Jaguar footage
  118. Car Crusher Footage - around July 1967
  119. Location Of Church In Danger UXB Episode Butterfly Winter (1979)
  120. Branagh's Wallander website
  121. The Avengers: False Witness
  122. The Avengers: Legacy of Death
  123. The Avengers: Wish You Were Here
  124. The Avengers: Killer
  125. The Avengers: The Rotters
  126. The Avengers: The Rotters (again)
  127. And There's More... The Avengers: The Rotters
  128. The Champions : The Gilded Cage
  129. Randall & Hopkirk (The Ghost Talks)
  130. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK: Smile Behind the Veil
  131. THE AVENGERS: Great Great Britian Crime
  132. THE AVENGERS: Requiem
  133. Minder "Birdman of Wormwood Scrubs"
  134. Same Train in Two Avengers episode - train spotters ho!
  135. THE AVENGERS: The Morning After
  136. Worzel gummidge filming locations?
  137. Hunter's Walk
  138. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK: It's Supposed to be Thicker Than Water
  139. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK: The Trouble With Women - ornate ironwork
  140. THE AVENGERS: The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
  141. The Young Ones: Nasty
  142. QUATERMASS AND THE PIT Church location TV version
  143. The New Avengers in Scotland
  144. The New Avengers: The Eagle's Nest
  145. terry and june
  146. The New Avengers: House of Cards
  147. The New Avengers: The Last of the Cybernauts...??
  148. The New Avengers: To Catch a Rat
  149. The New Avengers: Rat 2
  150. The New Avengers: Cat Amongst the Pigeons
  151. "Minder On The Orient Express"
  152. The Power Game - 'Private Treaty'/'Without Prejudice' location
  153. Impressive gateways to country houses - in Yorkshire?
  154. "Minder"-Looking For Mickey
  155. "Minder"-Get Daley
  156. Homes Under The Hammer
  157. Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
  158. Last Tango in Halifax
  159. THE NEW AVENGERS: Sleeper
  161. MAN OF THE WORLD: The Mindreader - 17 locations to identify
  162. Jack the Ripper 1988
  163. Restless locations
  164. Midsomer Murders location - futuristic house
  165. Last of the summer wine - Norman Clegg's house? Its location please!
  166. The New Professionals - 'Phoenix'
  167. The New Professionals - 'Back To Business' p1
  168. The New Professionals - 'Back To Business' p2
  169. Thriller: Someone at the Top of the Stairs
  170. The New Professionals - HIGH SPEED
  171. The New Professionals -SOUVENIR
  172. 'Casanova 73' house location
  173. CATS Eyes - help with country mansion required
  174. Deeves Hall and barn, Ridge, Hertfordshire
  175. The New Professionals -SOUVENIR
  176. The New Professionals - Miss Hit
  177. The New Professionals -Samurai Wind
  178. The New Professionals. More from the UK shows.
  179. The New Professionals. Cape Town.
  180. The Avengers - public access to Tykes Water Bridge?
  181. JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Poor Butterfly
  182. The Professionals -series titles
  183. JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: The Beckoning Fair One
  184. JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Eve (fantasy sequence)
  185. JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: Paper Dolls (James Hill: 1968)
  186. The New Avengers: Pinewood Studios
  187. Location of House in Menace Unseen (1988)
  188. The War Game - locations found.
  189. Minder locations
  190. birds of a feather filming location?
  191. Caravan Club
  192. Star Maidens
  193. Only Fools And Horses - As One Door Closes (the butterfly one)
  194. Poirot - The Adventure of the Clapham Cook
  195. The Professionals - Cry Wolf
  196. CFF Serial 'Five On A Treasure Island (1957)'
  197. Get Some In
  198. RANDALL AND HOPKIRK: When the Spirit Moves You (back plate)
  199. Gangsta Granny locations........
  200. Kizzy (1976)
  201. Man in a Suitcase LOCATION
  202. Did TV Shows Overflow From BBC Elstree to Goldcrest Elstree?
  203. Dempsey and Makepeace Railway
  204. DCI Banks (Piece of My Heart) location
  205. The Professionals - one for bus route fans
  206. Location of Pub in Grange Hill - Series 7, Episode 8 (1984)
  207. Danger Man kidnap scene
  208. steptoe and son
  209. DANGER MAN: The Snctuary Missing Railway Lcations
  210. Jason King's groovey Parisian pad
  211. robin's nest - 82 portland road Kensington
  212. The Avengers - Rabley Park
  213. The Avengers -Take me to your leader
  214. the changes
  215. Dracula tv series opera house
  216. Locations in Tales of the Unexpected episode Decoy (1982).
  217. New Tricks- The Queen's Speech - the school
  218. UFO Unconfirmed Filming Locations
  219. Re: "A Touch of Frost" last episode
  220. George Gently police station demolished
  221. Street location?
  222. Location of Town in Master of the Moor - Ruth Rendell Mysteries
  223. upcott seminary location Father Brown
  224. Shadows 'Dark Encounter' Locations
  225. One Step Beyond 'The Sorcerer' and 'Justice' Locations
  226. Potter House Location
  227. Love thy neighbour location
  228. the bill 1989 toilets
  229. U.F.O. - Fishing village
  230. Victoria.
  231. Location of Village in Tales of the Unexpected episode - Pattern of Guilt (1982)
  232. Tina and Bobby location