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    I'm looking for information about a location featured in an episode of A Touch Of Frost.

    It's the one where the police marksman shoots his buddy when he finds out that he's been messing with his wife.

    The action takes place in an underground culvert system with fast flowing water.

    I'm sure that this was filmed in the section of the River Sheaf that flows under the Sheffield railway station. The area under there is immense, virtually the entire station is supported by stone & brick arches and piers with the river running through in a least three channels. The brave souls who like to explore such places have christened it THE MEGATRON.

    Anybody know if this was the location ? If it was, rather David Jason than me !


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    It could well be the space below Leeds railway station which has the river Aire flowing through it. Kayaks sometimes use it.

    There are many tunnels/culverts - this is the best photo I could find online.


    Visit Granary Wharf and the Dark Arches under Leeds Station.

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