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    Locations for this Avengers episode feature the Inns of Court and New Square - but I can't place this one shot.

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    name='Anthony McKay']Locations for this Avengers episode feature the Inns of Court and New Square - but I can't place this one shot.

    I was recently working in New Square as an extra on Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes and this reminds me of the back of the Royal Courts of Justice in Carey Street.

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    St Clement Danes church?

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    I worked in 6 New Square, Lincoln's Inn in 1973-4 [and then 10 in the rigjht side of the square] and at one time my office backed on to Carey Street. I am sure that this is the Carey Street entrance to the RCJ (Royal Courts of Justice) that during an IRA attack period was closed for a time.

    At lunch time barristers and judges used to come through from Chambers through the cut-through from New Square, and emminent judges used to get saluted by the PC at the entrance!

    Here's an image from the 1930s of the gate to New Square, right, with Old Square to the left behind the Hall. The Land Registry HQ is on the corner to the right of the photographer.

    When I worked in Lincoln's Inn as a young chap out of school I used to go and see the netball matches in Lincoln's Inn Fields (the park behind the photographer). There were two pitches and ladies in short skirts would play in their lunchtimes.

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