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    Church in Gideon's Way from 'Big Fish, Little Fish' episode

    Hi - I've seen this church on your website and thought you had posted about it on here but I can't find the thread now! The best I can come up with is South Mimms St Giles but this is the best photo I can find from this angle on the net. The more I squint at the pictures the less I'm convinced but perhaps someone who knows this area better may know?

    Do you have a clearer picture from the episode at all, as if in the episode the church doesn't have those battlement bits (can't think what they're called!) at the top of the wall and instead slopes up into a roof then it isn't South Mimms.

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    I'll see what I can do tonight - but there is no more of the church to see in the episode.

    I think I had looked at South Mimms for this one before - but it's always worth another look.

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    name='Anthony McKay']'crenellations'

    ...and the same to you!!


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    Sorry I got dragged out for a very nice curry at "The Heads" last night. Very nice! I even got a doggy bag left over for starters tonight - Dolce Vita or what!

    The houses just visible in the background are probably the biggest clue.

    I suspect also that this was a piece of stock footage just dropped into the episode.

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    I've had a look on live maps and think it can be ruled out. The houses in the background don't match and I think the church has a few structural differences as well.

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