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    I would be very interested to hear from other forum members about what subjects they are currently researching or what is sparking their interest.

    Here is my contribution:

    I am currently getting up to speed on what was going on in the British studios in the early to mid 1930's with regards the boom and bust of the new sound studios.

    Also attempting to compensate for my lack of exposure to early British talkies.

    This is just part of my M-G-M British research, which has had a tendency to branch off in many interesting directions.

    I'm definitely Elstree-centric and would class myself as a novice when it comes to studios outside the Elstree area - other than early Islington, due to it's obscure links with M-G-M British Studuios and US production in the UK.

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    Me, I specialise in the works of Powell & Pressburge, the films and the people. Also their regular compatriots who went to make up The Archers.

    I run the Powell and Pressburger Appreciation Society (PaPAS) at and the email group behind it.



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      I recently went on a local charity quiz version of Mastermind. My specialist subject was James Stewart westerns. I came second. The competition winner chose Hollywood Musicals !!. I once went for an audition for the $64000 Question on Billy Bunter Books. 19/20 at the audition but the books were out of print at the time so they couldn't do enough research to put me on the show.