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    Originally posted by Anthony McKay View Post
    Could we merge this with one of the 'Load of Fuss About Nothing' threads already started?
    Look at the start of this thread. We don’t usually split threads



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      When the Britmovie folk* set up shop they chose to put the forum in the vBulletin software platform, and a good choice it was.

      The programmers of the vbulletin software are British (Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.), but in 2007 they sold to an American company, Internet Brands. This forum is hosted on servers owned by them and their fees are in dollars. For what we needed they were the best game in town, there really wasn't another option though. I'm British (wearing my Tim Brooke-Taylor Union Jack waistcoat as I type) but live in Florida, so it's easier for me to pay in dollars. The $39.95 is listed first because that is a constant monthly fee. The exchange rate makes the equivalent in pounds hop around. If anyone can find a UK server farm that will support the software economically, I'd be happy to move it. Cheer yourselves with the thought that a British guy is running firearms manufacturer, Smith & Wesson.

      *DB7, Steve et al. (Steve, if you get bored sometime, I wouldn't mind seeing a post on the history of the original forum as I was late to the party)


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        Thanks for your response it was much appreciated. I now understand why the amount is in dollars. Sometimes when you ask things on here people respond in ways which can sometimes appear unfriendly. Your response was great thanks again.


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          The Donations cupboard is bare(ish) once more (well there's $4.80 left), so I'm rattling the cup, the goal is
          $39.95 US dollars for the month which is about £30.33 (up a bit courtesy of Donald Trump and Theresa May)
          You can go to the Paypal donations link in the header banner at the top up there.

          Thank you for your attention in this matter.


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            Anyone care to make a donation for the care and feeding of this forum?
            $39.95 required in total for the month which is £30.70 thanks to the execrable exchange rate
            see paypal link at the top of the page

            $66.33 in - thanks!

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              Sumfink sent to the begging bowl to keep the bailiffs from the door ....


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                Christmas is coming the internet land lord wants to get fat
                please to put a penny in the moderator's hat
                If you haven't got a penny, $5 will do
                if you don't have $5, God bless you

                $44.83 in

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