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    Hope all are well and watching lots of great films with their time indoors .

    I myself can't get online as often as I used to for which I apologise. I'm wondering how many origional members we have lost (Due to just not coming on the forums any more as opposed to having passed over). but then I know some members have come back under different names. I kept my origional name as 1. I like it 2. I want my friends to know it's still me

    One member I was wondering about is Alan French. Is Alan still around? He was such a nice man.
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    Hi Michelle, I hope you are well. It's good to see you back on the forum.
    I too remember Alan French but I dont think he's been on the new site!


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      I think that Alan was involved with a film or theatrical group in Hemel Hempstead some time ago. His posts were always interesting and thoughtful. We both had a connection with Holloway Road years ago. Great shame that he no longer is on the Forum and I hope that he is ok.

      PS. Always good to hear from Michelle
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        Thankyou both!

        Yes. I do hope he is ok too .


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          Has anyone heard anything of Harry Fielder in recent times? I recall he had a stroke a few years ago and although he recovered enough to post a few times, he didn't rejoin the forum.


          • wadsy
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            Harry's still active on facebook Shirl!

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          Thanks, Wadsy.