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    I'm Vandevere, and I have a lot of favorite British actors.

    Christopher Lee, Alan Bates, and Frank Finlay are the actors who come to mind right now...

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    As one "newbie" to another, may I say how much I agree with your choice of fine British actors, all among my favourites too. At that "level" I would add Ian Hendry, Alan Bates and Bill Simpson, plus the lovely Geraldine McEwan. Gwen Watford and of course Dora Bryan. I hope you enjoy it here, and - like me - find there is something to learn and enjoy every day!


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      I actually met Christopher Lee once, years ago, just before "LOTR: The Two Towers" came out...


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        What! No Jenny Agutter! They let anybody join this site nowadays ... only joking! Welcome to the site. Alan Bates is a particular favourite of mine, I must admit, among British actors. That whole generation (Finney, O'Toole, Courtenay, etc) was electrifying, often far better than the films they appeared in. On TV, nobody in my opinion bettered Patrick McGoohan, immensely watchable and an intelligent actor, often overlooked because he played spies on TV. But Peter Wyngarde and of course those Avengers Patrick McNee and Diana Rigg came close.


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          Hywell Bennett; good ol' Michael Caine, Sean Connery... the list goes on!