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Hello from the Harbor City of Sydney.

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    Originally posted by googiefan View Post
    And of course Googie Withers lived in Sydney I believe.
    She and John lived in firstly Melbourne then Sydney.. for several decades before their deaths.


    • googiefan
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      Australia was lucky to have them. I believe Amanda and Nicholas 2 of their children still live in Australia is this correct? I know Joanna lives in London. I would love to know more about their life in Australia

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    Originally posted by arthur linden-jones View Post
    Welcome cfm, and greetings just up the road from you in Newcastle. Maybe one day if we can get enuff local Britmoviers we can have a gatherin'.
    ALJ I have looked for you and Miss Brahms on my quizzes. Would welcome your participation. Always good having people in your own time zone when playing online.


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      You are forgetting John was an Australian. When he got the chance to head J C Williamson here he jumped at it. I expect you can get all background on family thru Wikipedia or simply google.


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        I suspect the relationship between John McCallum and the J C Williamson company was more about him being in 'Public Relations' rather than him sitting in an office totting up things.

        He and Googie lived in a sunny waterfront home but she returned every now and then to play top roles in top productions on the London stage— much better than her colleagues whose careers were fading over time.

        I reckon there was a quid pro quo relationship between the couple and JC Williamsons and their international casting agents. Googie would get star roles in London in return for enticing some of her chums to tour the colonies— people such as Richard Todd, Ray Milland, Anna Neagle, Donald Sinden and (I think) Patrick Wymark.


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          Originally posted by Carl V View Post

          Yes, I'm a Brit cfm. I currently live in Cheshire.

          Nice to see a few Australian members here - I didn't realise we had any if I'm honest, apart from cfm.
          I live in Sydney but I'm originally from Cheshire.