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editing my user profile

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  • editing my user profile

    I want to add some more to my user profile, but can't find an 'edit' button for that section on my page.
    Could somebody give me an idiots guide to how to do it please?

    Ta very much.

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    Click your profile name or choose My Profile from the drop down where your username is at the top right of the screen

    click the little edit pen icon thingy (see picture)

    you may have to enter your password depending how long a go you signed in

    Then you get a whole smorgasbord of things you can change

    your profile being stuff in the bottom left corner

    how's that?


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      Excellent. Thanks:-)

      I ran into trouble trying to upload my gif.
      I was given 3 options by Tinypic, but only one of them starts with http//. (which is asked for on the upload a link button) & that one doesn't seem to be showing up.
      All the other links start with <a href="

      Unfortunately I'm a bit slow because of the pain killers I'm on, & I don't really understand how to create links.
      Any help greatly appreciated please.
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        I know not Tinypic alas
        If you can post the tinypic in a message here or email me said picture I can (probably) pop it in for you


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          Thanks. I've emailed you. expect a message from pitters1000.
          Its not spam