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  • Hello again..

    One of the old members of the other Britmovie and now discovered this new site and really pleased to see the British Movie fandom continue so hats off to those who started this all again. Thank you.

    I come from a acting background and was grateful to have worked with quite a few names from variety, TV and film back then. I have as result a great love of all films British and particularly those performers who made us laugh, Richard Hearne, Frank Randle the list is endless but I do have a top ten in mind.

    Film collecting as with many other performers has been a passion since I first stood behind a 35mm camera on set at a film studio asking to have a look through a viewfinder in-between takes and over the years have enjoyed giving a number of nostalgia presentations of British films along with some spiel although I do not see myself as any expert.

    Nice to be back and hope to contribute something worth reading in future years.

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    Interesting. It's strange because a few weeks ago I watched Something In the City again and discussed it with someone, and I gave it to them as a Christmas present. I've ordered a replacement and I'm expecting it today. For me, it's the only watchable Richard Hearne movie, and enjoyable it is too, but the others are pretty dire, in my opinion. I think I've got a Frank Randle movie too. Was he in King Cotton?


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      Hi. Not that I know of although Frank was known as King of Fun.
      Franks on DVD are: Holidays with pay, It's a grand life, When you come home, School for Randle, Somewhere on Leave-Somewhere in Camp-Home sweet home Tripple bill. Also a double of Somewhere in England and Somewhere in Civvies (if you can find it). A near full length of Home Sweet Home is also around with the additional 20 minutes or so cut from the DVD release.

      A little note on Something in the City... Of the two full length versions I've here a small number of edits took place with one particularly noticeable. When Garry Marsh goes up to the bathroom and knocks on the door one version flows normally and the other has a freeze frame of Garry for a few seconds although the sound track continues.
      Twas also funny although unplanned when the TV network aired it a few decades ago and mistakenly ran the same reel twice starting from around the drainpipe scene. Whoever did the telecine at the time made quite a gaff!

      The Time of His Life 1955 is quite a nice film of Richards which also has organist Robin Richmond playing the theme tune and appearing in it. Met him a few times and asked about the film and what it was like on set with Richard. Robin built a huge cabinet around his Hammond organ and the good news is the theme tune from that movie was issued on record and now available on CD 'The golden days of the Hammond organ 1944-1956.

      Enjoy his films.


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        There is an article about Richard Hearne (Mr Pastry), in the latest issue of Let's Talk Magazine -

        I know that Richard Hearne, visited my home town of Aylsham, Norfolk, on more than one occasion -