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  • isbright returns.. this place again. Been too long a while since here and glad to see a few familiar names. My forté is/was location-hunting, so if you've got 'em I'll be hunting 'em!

    Also love Blowup, Hinterland, Merton Park Studios and Shetland (to name a few off the top of my head).

    Be seeing you

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    Welcome back, Ian! I remember you very well from the Blow Up threads. Have you identified all the locations?

    Ronan O'Casey, who played Vanessa Redgrave's much older boyfriend, was in a couple of episodes of The Four Just Men, which I will finish watching again tonight. You'd never guess he's the same actor we see in the Maryon Park scenes - dead or alive.


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      Yes, all locations found. Go here


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        Welcome back, isbright. I love Blow Up too. In fact, every time I'm alone in a park and I hear the wind sighing through the trees I'm transported back half a century. But what happened to your partner, isdim ?


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          Thanks Agutterfan (yes, I'm one of those, too). I've gone off isbright - made up of my intials 'i' 's' 'b' and the word 'right' ( a la Lord Sugar's 'amstrad', but not as clever).

          I have to keep it for the forums here as I appear to be quite well known (by two of you, at least)!

          Ages again since I was last here again as I had loadsa trouble logging on and gave up at one point. Quite by chance I googled something unrelated and a forum response showed up. Glad it did, as I loved my previous time here.

          Be seeing you, Ian (isbright, not dim)