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  • Monopoly

    I see that some of the Monopoly game tokens are being replaced, The "Hat" & the "Boot" being two of them..
    I do however remember one of my sisters buying the game in the early 60's & the tokens were : a green tank. a golden galleon. a blue train, a red car, a yellow tractor & my fave a grey motorbike!
    Does anyone else recall these?
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    Oh no! not the hat. I like the hat.


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      The tokens do seem to have changed a bit over the years , although the top hat seems to have always been there. I must admit to wondering why the token looked the way they did, and its strange to thing that at one point you supplied your own, which is fitting when you think that Monoply is a modified (capalist) version of the radical 'Landlords Game'.


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        • wadsy
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          These were the ones we had. There was also a red car & a golden galleon!
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        Does this mean I have to hand in my old tokens for new ones.


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          I have a wartime edition that has a card number spinner and a note apologising about the shortage of dice, and printed card tokens that slot into wooden bases.
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