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Birthday present for a 90 year old?

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  • Birthday present for a 90 year old?

    I really ought to do something to mark the celebration of my Mum's 90th year. Most of my life she tried to avoid mentioning it. In fact she would often arrange to be on holidaty in Greece when her birthday came around. So there hasn't been much of a gift-giving tradition on this day.

    But in June this year, she will be 90, so I'm looking for some suggestions. I had been looking for some historic stuff about her life and career, but it hasn't come to much yet. I managed to dig up some sightings from MovieDude's site to add to her IMDb page as an actress(Pamela Plant), but there's nothing much to show for it and that is only one of the hats that she wore. Her main focus during my lifetime has been an enduring love of Greece and the islands. She painted landscapes and portraits of locals and made a decent amount of money from selling them. Her passion for disco dancing and drinking retsina have been maintained despite failing health and near-total blindness that has slowed her down over the last couple of years.

    I've been doing a little research into her parents (both were performers on stage, her Mum as a singer and her father, Jimmy Plant, also had radio appearances and a couple of film roles as a comedian's straight man). So I've been getting background information from her over the years and through sites like I have found some interesting things about them.

    If any of you have copies of films that appear in their lists, I would love to have some screencaps to show her. She gets them up on her PC then takes a magnifying glass to the screen to see what she can.

    One of the strands of her earlier career was drawing topical cartoons that were published in Newspapers. She did something regular in a paper in Birmingham in the late 1940s and had a few printed in The Stage. I haven't found any of those yet, but that is partly as I am too much of a cheapskate to pay for the membership of The British Newspaper Archive. I did get a few pages off there recently as a welcome offer for a new member, but I've used them all up.

    Apart from those historical research things... any other suggestions as to a suitable birthday gift for an old blind woman?
    Pamela Plant, Actress: The Tell-Tale Heart. Pamela Plant was born on June 25, 1927 in Islington, London, England as Pamela Edith Kate Plant. She is known for her work on The Tell-Tale Heart (1960), The Arthur Askey Show (1961) and Laura (1968). She was previously married to Larry Noble.

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    My Mum was 90 in February this year. She said "No presents" on the invitation, so of course everybody bought her something

    Many people bought her flowers and the number of cards was so great that they just had to be stacked up on the shelves, not displayed.
    She got enough flowers to open up her own florists

    I bought her various pat├ęs for the party (at her request) plus a silver bowl

    Many people at that sort of age don't really want much, they have already got everything that they need.
    But a special treat is always (or often) welcome. Maybe a nice meal in a "posh" restaurant?



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      I've put my thinking cap on, StoneAgeMan, but it's not doing me much good! If she can still get out and about, a special treat as mentioned by Steve could be a good idea. Perhaps a family get-together in a Greek restaurant, and a huge cake? I think the main thing at that age is to feel special and still wanted. No doubt she has outlived all her friends from years ago, so family going out of their way to be with her and make a bit of a fuss perhaps would mean more to her than bought gifts.


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        StoneAgeMan, I belong to the Birmingham History Forum, so I'll ask whether anyone has memories of her cartoons, or even examples, if you like.


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          I wouldn't know what to buy as a present but I'll watch "The Tell Tale Heart" tonight as a mark of respect!


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            Thanks for the thoughtful responses. I appreciate it. I'm trying to gather some ideas together and I welcome these suggestions.


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              For a person who has reached that age, a good supply of stamps and writing paper. If she can move around without to much difficulty, a nice meal at a nice restaurant. Forget the perfume or broaches, she probably has enough around her place.


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                The Avengers s03e08 Second Sight

                (Sequential caps. as the doctor moves his hand from in front of the nurse's face)

                ... and a very youthful Peter Bowles


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                  If she has a CD player, maybe a CD of hits from her favourite era? You can also get 'Talking books' which I am into at the moment.

                  A meal in a restaurant sounds nice too.
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