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USA Road Trip sep 2017 (Calif/Oregon/Nevada)

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  • USA Road Trip sep 2017 (Calif/Oregon/Nevada)

    In Sep 17 we flew Manchester to San Francisco for an aviation/railroad related road trip,we rented a Kia Sportage SUV for a slightly elevated eyeline (great for sightseeing).
    We had originally planned to go clockwise from Frisco up the Pacific coast to N Oregon and then return south down an inland route to Reno for the unlimited Air Races.
    However we reversed the route when we heard about the Fly In at Hood River,Oregon and stayed our first night just N of Frisco.
    So our basic route became Frisco/Madras,Or/Hood River,Or/Rockaway Beach,Or/Lincoln City,Or/Ferndale,Ca/Reno,Nv/Fish Camp,Ca/Merced,Ca/Frisco.
    There will be some road trip/scenery pics as well

    Erickson Collection,Madras,Or - all the Hangared aircraft fly regularly except 2 which are not airworthy,the outside aircraft are not regular flyers - The DC6 Air Tanker is airworthy - not sure about the Neptune.
    Our Sportage

    View in through the Hangar door

    The Wonderful Bellanca Air Cruiser

    North American T6 painted up in 'Swede Ralston' colours,Swede was famous for flying through the Airship Hangar at Tillamook during an air display

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    I will gradually add more images as I sort them

    We had a lovely meal at the Black Bear Diner in Madras

    Driving from Madras up to Hood River area


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      Great pics of the Erickson collection - so many lovely planes there!

      I really liked SF, and wish I'd stayed longer - a nice atmosphere than LA. And CA has wonderful scenery - looks like you had a great time.

      Since your a fellow air buff, you might really like The Kossack Airforce, which is one of the many groups on Daily Kos. Being US based, they have a lot of features on US air museums (CA has loads), and I particularly like Major Kong's diaries (yes, he is a former B52 pilot), but there is lots of interesting stuff, and the comments are often very detailed.


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        Thanks Bonekicker I will have a look at that
        Yeah we really liked San Fran as well but we had such a tight schedule on our holiday that we had no real spare time to do too much touristing,other than what was on our planned route.The tight schedule was a mixture of good and bad in that we always knew what we were doing the next day but very limited opportunity for unplanned visits.

        rgds YS


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          2 reflections on our holiday

          T6 at Madras/Erickson collection

          Beech C45 H at Hood River


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            Our next visit was to the WAAAM museum at Hood River,Or (Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum)
            Any of my pics cannot do justice to this beautiful collection of vintage aircraft and cars.

            1918 Curtiss Jenny cockpit


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                  The actual fly in was severely curtailed by a huge forest fire just west of the town,and drifting smoke was causing visibility/glare issues (more about that later).

                  Engine run on 1918 Curtiss Jenny - the airframe on this beautiful aircraft is over 90% original and the Smithsonian do not want WAAAM to fly it - but they do anyway

                  Later we had the great pleasure of seeing the Jenny fly,apologies for the shaky video but it was rough ground and the Jenny went right overhead


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                    While in the Hood River area we had to slum it for 1 night at the Motel 6 at The Dalles (just upriver from Hood),anyway we survived that LOL and our local restaurant and Bar was a short walk away.The usual waitress greeting was 'Hi Cousins - what can I get you' - we always tried to find interesting places to eat !


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                        I did say a few posts back that I would return to the subject of Forest Fires,the USA had a really bad year last year for Forest Fires and they affected our holiday twice.
                        The fire just west of Hood River was huge and caused tremendous damage,it severely curtailed the fly in at WAAAM as most planned visitors could not get in to land due to the temp FAA Fire/visibility restrictions.
                        We had originally planned to drive west along route 84 through Portland and then onto the Pacific Coast at Rockaway Beach.However because of the Forest Fire Hwy 84 was closed so we had to divert across the Columbia River on the Lifting Bridge (at Hood River),we were using one of our old satnavs with a cheap SD card USA map which worked really well for the states we planned to transit - however the map did not include Washington State and as soon as we crossed over the river our satnav went TU,so we drove on referring to our standby cheap roadmap and I think we drove round portland about 3 times before we finally escaped into the country towards the coast.

                        You can see the extent of the fires,pic taken looking south over the Columbia River whilst driving west along the N bank,you can already see the drifting smoke haze as we cross the bridge.