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kids singing on "talent/variety" shows

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  • kids singing on "talent/variety" shows

    Six year old Melissa Lynn singing Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

    that song is just creepy coming out of a six year old girl.

    Melissa also has earrings which don't seem right on a grade one student.

    the "not checking whether the lyrics are OK when being sung by a child, particularly a female child" seemed to happen a lot in the All-Star Showcase/Opportunity Knocks days.

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    That ticks all the boxes: precocious, American, out-of-tune, short/wide ruched skirt - yes, that is one of the most vomit-inducing performances I've ever seen. I'll have nightmares about that for years!


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      Please, just don't mention "Junior Showtime". I let it slip out once, but I think I got away with it!


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        No you didn’t ha ha. I remember junior showtime, my favourite was miss Margery.


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          Lena Zavaroni was perhaps the most famous. She sings a song on you tube when she is much older that I love, the emotion in her voice and the look in her eyes is very emotional shall we say. It shows what an excellent voice she had. I never liked her child hood stuff but her voice was excellent as she got older. The song is Going Nowhere have a listen.


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            not letting Melissa Lynn or any of the girls in that clip wear trousers is an attempt to appeal to the adults watching. In 1985, someone who was 40 would have been 10 in 1955 and (if female) would identify those type of dresses with their own childhoods.