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Open door policy, in one door, out the other door.

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  • Open door policy, in one door, out the other door.

    Concerning Donald Trumps inner circle in the White House, in one door, out the other. No one stays very long. Either they resign or are requested to leave. Rex Tiilerson, appears to be the only one, remaining. But how long will he last ?

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    “Believe me, everybody wants to work in the White House,” Trump continued. “They want a piece of the Oval Office, they want a piece of the West Wing.” says The Trumpeter. He's really got no idea, does he?
    He's either ignorant of the facts or is deluding himself



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      Most of the people who get to work at the White House consider it a mighty honour and a tremendous responsibility to serve their nation at the highest level.
      Donald considers it an award like an Emmy, or a golfing trophy that he paid for. He has proven to be exactly the president that everyone thought he'd be. They voted for him and will carry on supporting him or reviling him, exactly as they did on election day. He has made an absolutely brilliant job of making Obama's presidency appear successful and of the highest moral standards. He's dangerous and divisive, I hope his influence is diminished and controlled by the other people in Washington.


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        The Chaos candidate - the chaos White House.

        Cohen is out (although not his lawyer, the one who paid off the porn star), McMaster is evidently on borrowed time, and he's using the Mooch (whose basically nuts) to brief against Kelly, his own CoS. And he hates Sessions. It will be increasingly difficult

        This is someone whose too cowardly to actually fire people by looking at them in the face, but is so angry at the thought that he might die in jail, thanks to Mueller, that he's decided to have a trade war. By Twitter. And in the process, shot May's free trade deal fox.

        Frankly, we could roll this thread into the main Trump one, along with the guns tread - they are all reflections of the Trump madness. Just waiting for Trump's tweets when Stormy Daniels starts talking and Kushner really starts to feel the heat.

        But we shouldn't get smug on this side of the Atlantic. I'm just itching for a Brexit thread - because thats idiocy and delusion on a mass scale. But I would recommend this guy whose Guardian comments have been consistently on the ball, and much better at asking the right questions than the BBC.

        I post this without comment:

        Daniel Hannan was given the opportunity by Nick Robinson this afternoon on Radio 4 to name any one of the many laws or regulations he is looking forward to repealing at Brexit - can you believe he picked the regulation to have a car seat installed ! Basic Child Safety Legislation