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REX Tillerson fired

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  • REX Tillerson fired

    In one door,out the other. Donald Trump has fired, Secretary of State, Rex Tiilerson.
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    So I guess Putin will nominate a replacement?


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      Has any other US president gone through as many ministers (resigned/fired) as Trump has?


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        Trump still thinks he is on 'The Apprentice', for someone who was elected the President of the USA it is, to me, a worrying sign of a man with a runaway ego.


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          Has any other US president gone through as many ministers (resigned/fired) as Trump has?
          No. The turnover of senior staff in the second year of any administration tends to increase, when burnout hits (the workload is intense), and you have at least a whole year under your belt. For the Obama WH, it was just 15% by the mid terms (but he is well known to have run a very tight ship), with Bush II running at 27%. In terms of 'A' Team senior staff, Trump is running more than 3 times the turnover of either Obama or Clinton, and six times that of Bush II.

          Trump was running at 43% when Gary Cohen resigned the other day. Now, with Tillerson (btw - who gets fired via tweet?), and McEntee (a long time aide, who was marched out so quickly he wasn't allowed to collect his stuff), its edging closer to 50%.

          And its not over yet.

          There have been rumours of several 'suicide pacts' amoungst top staffers. Tillerson, Mnuchin (Treasury) and Mattis (Defence) were rumoured to be in one. If one goes, they all go. We will see.

          The National Security Advisor (who replaced Flynn), McMaster, is known to not get on with Trump, and evidently regards Trump as a bit of a fool. His name has been on a list of 'next to get fired' for a while - the NYT says its soon. The Chief of Staff, Kelly, has been blamed by Trump for any number of problems, and although apparently a true believer/enabler, is also seemingly close to going. His little speech to people at his former dept (Homeland Security) is pretty much a 'why the hell did I take this job?' They are working for the boss from hell, and probably the only reason he hasn't fired them is because he's a bit of a coward, and that he'll have to find other people to do the jobs - and other people are starting to get thin on the ground. They also seem to be in a pact, with perhaps Mattis as well.

          Trump has been using Sessions as a punchline and punchbag - who knows whats going to happen there.

          And then there are ethics.

          • Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who charged personal travel to his department and spent $139,000 on a door for his office. (actually several doors, in an old building, but still...)
          • Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who ordered a $31,000 dining set for his office.
          • Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, who took vacations with his wife on the taxpayers' dime.
          • Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, who was found to have misused his travel funding by flying first class because he was afraid he would be accosted by angry coach passengers.

          Pruitt's excuse that he has to fly first class because otherwise people might shout at him, simply because he wants to allow oil companies to drill in national monuments, was sort of inspired. Shulkin is on thin ice, as is Zinke.

          And Mueller isn't done yet - its a tossup whether Kushner heads to prison first or files for bankruptcy.

          Trump is going to die in prison, but in the meantime will wander the halls of the White House at 4am in a bathrobe, alone and bitter (Melenia is going to divorce him so hard after Stormy Daniels, Jessica Drake et al have finished talking about him), talking about how Putin is his best friend.

          Bigly Sad.
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            I routinely watch the Rachel Maddow newscast. She and her staff have been keeping a running tally of departures from the Trump administration. With the departures today of Tillerson and the body man, the tally has had to be expanded to three wall panels.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	rachel-maddow-big-board-1024x578.jpg
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              I love the big wall! (and Rachel, of course)

              Of course there is one thing to consider - the Trump administration doesn't have as many people in it as usual, in the first place. Thanks to incompetence, indolence, and the fact that a lot of people didn't want to work for Trump in the first place (and the Trump people didn't want them), they dont have a deep bench. Add to the the people who have left in disgust or despair, and its pretty much running on fumes.

              Apparently, Trump now wants to be Trump, without the fetters of control. Thats going to be fun.

              BTW - perhaps there should be a wall of all the women who have claimed to have been assaulted by Trump, or who he tried to sleep with, while he's been married to his current wife. It might be fairly large in itself.


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                The names of all the women who Trump has been involved with on a wall? No wonder he suggested a wall on the USA-Mexico border, perhaps the writing will be on the wall for Trump?