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  • Racist remarks

    One individual, who I never thought was much as an entertainer, Roseanne Barr. She just revived her telly program, only to have it cancell by ABC, because of her racist remarks.

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    I'm not sure how popular she is outside America. I've never seen any of her shows, but I've seen clips which have given me the impression she is a crass, rude, obnoxious person, and not at all funny.


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      Rosanne was always 'edgy, but went a bit off the rails by the end of the original series, and ideologically had a bit of a wander, to say the least. She has been a proto Trumpy for a while, and to be honest, seemed like an accident waiting to happen.

      she has form on those sort of tweets (It wasn't the first time), and then her various excuses and then tweeted insults nailed her career shut, even if ABC wasn't sure. Trump has come to her defence, which is zero surprise, and no doubt she will milk being a victim of political correctness, etc. Fox would probably buy the series, but I can't imagine the case or writers bothering to sign on, and in any case, Fox TV channel is being sold, and no one needs the hassle.

      it shows exactly what Trump voters are, judging by the comments on Twitter, etc, so for that we should be grateful.


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        Making a 'racist remark' must surely be the most heinous of crimes which were prescribed in the The Ten Commandments against sinners.


        Does Britain have an 'entertainer' to match this American 'entertainer'?


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          Well Barr and Trump have both shown what 'values' they share, if that's the correct word. In other words, zero, zilch etc. Why the Americans lap up to these kind of individuals, I just don't understand, can any Americans out there give me any idea?


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            I blame Twitter, it lets people write things without thinking that is then broadcast to thousands (or even to millions)
            And the dumb journalists always take these Tweets from the Twits as being important



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              The TV show "Roseanne", originally ran from 1988-96 and was a big hit in my household. It was just like a lot of other Sitcoms, but NOTHING like them. The familiar family unit of Mum, Dad and a few kids taking on their world was really nothing new at all... but this seemed so original in its execution. This was a REAL family. The writers began from a starting point of the character Roseanne Barr had adopted for her stage stand-up routine. They took the "dry, sarcastic, caustic housewife" who was the polar opposite of most Sitcom Moms, and built a program around characters that seemed to be so much more human than anything that had been seen before. As the seasons progressed, the children grew and experienced ever more relevant and honest situations. Unlike any other show, where the basic set-up returns to the status quo at the end of each episode - which makes broadcasting so much easier - Roseanne had arcs and developing storylines that actually changed the show as it went along. She changed her jobs. Her kids got boyfriends. Her husband changed jobs. Their lives developed and characters evolved. Then in the ninth season they all went a bit weird and the audience couldn't cope with the new direction. It ended and faded from memory. When it came back this year, people with fond memories of their favourite show, seemed to be happy with the new episodes. The reunited cast - many of whom had gone on to be very successful after Roseanne - all seemed very happy to be working together again on a show they believed in.
              Racist jokes. Sexist jokes. Anything that might offend easily... they are all to be avoided in situations where you can't see, hear and feel the audience. If you can't gauge a reaction to gag#1 you can't tell whether to go on to gag#1a or switch to gag#2. If you can't limit your audience to a group that share similar attitudes, then you're going to have to pick topics that have a broad consensus. And if you can't be nice , then it's better to say nothing at all.
              Roseanne put her foot in it and deserved to receive the consequences. I'm upset for the rest of the cast though.


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                Never heard of this "Roseanne" person.....and not the sort of rubbish I would want to watch on television......thank God for you-tube & BBC i-player


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                  The original was good, and very different - people got angry, upset, didn't speak just funny lines, etc. It was a real break from the usual sitcom. But as Stone Age Man puts it, it all went a bit strange at the end, possibly when Rosanne herself started to think she was the centre of the universe.

                  I suspect a lot of people tuned in for the new series because of good memories, but she had changed, and the show had her imprint. Might have lasted a second season, but when your star is totally out of control, you have to do something.


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                    This is a real shame! No Roseanne (the original series) => no Friends etc.

                    Michael Moore took her on his campaign trail to try to stop Dubya being re-elected...

                    ...she was weird!