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Another shooting in America

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  • Another shooting in America

    This time in Maryland. Five people dead, two wounded. Not surprised, after all its America. So far, no word from Donald Trump. The NRA, no word from them yet. I am sure before, 2018, ends, in America, another shooting will take place.

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    Another sad day in Trumpington.


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      Not too good in Mexico either...

      Mexico's presidential election has been marred by violence this year, with more than 534 politicians being attacked and 130 killed....

      More than 20,500 homicides have also been reported since the beginning of the year, with May coming in as the deadliest month with 4,381 murders......


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        Mexico has been one step away from being a narcostate for years, which itself overlays a fairly corrupt and dysfunctional political system. There was an article in Mother Jones over a decade ago about the disappearance of many young women, some of which have been found in mass graves near the border - it's like serial killing but on an industrial scale. There is an online news site which covers the gang wars - the journalists have to be anonymous, because otherwise they will face death, as will their families.

        The real irony is that the drug wars are really the result of the demand from the US for the product, and it's bot a demand which will end anytime soon. The guns used in Mexico tend to be sourced within the US.

        My mother came from a country which borders Mexico to the South, and even there, there have been changes, as my cousins report. Add to that the violence in Guatemala etc and you can see why there are refugees trying to get into the States.