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Thai cave rescue

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  • Thai cave rescue

    As I write, another four boys have been rescued by these wonderful men. What a suspenseful drama this has been. I hope the rescue of the remaining four and the coach will be successful, too. I feel so sad for the diver who died and for his family. Losing your life in an attempt to save someone else is just the most tragic thing.

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    It is awful that the diver lost his life. It does look though as if the rest of the boys & the coach will be saved. A marvellous effort by the rescuers!


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      It has been confirmed that all of them have now been rescued.

      All 12 members of a Thai youth football team and their coach have been brought safely out of the cave in northern Thailand

      The final part of the operation will be the emergence of four rescue divers, including one doctor, who remained in the chamber with the boys after they were found.


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        News from just a few minutes ago - they're all out!

        No doubt the media will start calling it "miracle".


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          No doubt, when really it was just hard work by a lot of dedicated people