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  • Scalpers

    This happens quite often in Canada and the U.S.A. Particularly at a main sporting event or maybe a popular rock band or some entertainment event. Here in Canada, two well known places to host these events is the Air Canada center in Toronto, or the Montreal forums in Montreal. A major event is about to take place, tickets go on sale, through the internet, scalpers will buy up about 30 or so seats, when all seats are sold out, the scalpers will now advertise these seats for sale at very high prices. At times, they will put these seats, at bids. I have notice that some seats to a hockey game could cost up to 1000.00 dollars, for a seat that may have cost twenty dollars. Some die hard sport fan would pay that kind of money.

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    This is nothing new. It's been going on around the world for yonks. In Australia, there is no national legislation against it, so it's up to the states. In Queensland it's been an offence for more than 10 years to on-sell a ticket at a price above a 10% margin on the original price. Last month, NSW introduced a similar law and also prohibits the use of bots to purchase tickets. South Australia also has the 10% cap, but it only applies to "major events" so if an event is not declared "major" like the Ed Sheeran concert earlier this year, then the scalpers move in. All very wishy-washy.