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  • Tabloids

    most of the information these papers print is either misleading or not true. These publications, at least here in Canada and the U.S. are usually at the checkout lanes in the supermarket. About a year ago, one of these tabloids had article about actress Doris Day and her secret lesbian relationship. In over the years, I never heard anything like about this actress ever involved in that type of relationship. To the best of my knowledge, she is retired, lives in California and is active in animal rites.
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    I once read the same thing about Debbie Reynolds and Agnes Moorehead! They'll say anything to sell their grubby papers. It's a wonder they don't get sued more often than they do.


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      Being active in animal rites sounds like something serious....


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        Originally posted by Bonekicker View Post
        Being active in animal rites sounds like something serious....
        Dennis Wheatley comes to mind.