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    His father Errol, was an alcoholic, abusing drugs, successfull actor. His son, Sean, tried acting, made a few forgettable films, eventually becoming a war correspondent. Disappeared, while on assignment. Never to be heard from again. Over the years, tabloids reported, he came back to the U.S.A., changed his name, he was seen as a prisoner of Vietnam cong, usual tabloid nonsense. What keeps the tabloids in business, some people love to read them. Trashy grubby newspapers. They can be found in shops everywhere.
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    I heard that after being held in a prison hospital in Cambodia for over a year he was given a lethal injection.
    A terrible price to pay for such a rash, irresponsible action by him & Dana Stone. They were warned to to
    stray into Kmher Rouge territory but ignored the advice!