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    I notice every sunday the royal familly attend Church services. Président Trump and wyfe attend presbytérian Church service, every sunday.. When I think about Donald Trump going to Church, I dont think hé ever saw the inside of a Church before his élection to be become président. It must be à tradition for leaders to show à good exemple of moral conduct and attend Church services. . Oné cannot say anything bad about Queen Elizabeth, but Donald Trump, I could write à book about him. As for moral conduct, a failling F.
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    Trump famously claimed during the campaign that he was not only a Christian (which seemed very unlikely), but was actually be persecuted for being so!

    In August 2015, he said that the Bible was his favourite book, but could not name his favourite verse. At some point he did cite his favourite part of the Bible, but the way he described it made it clear he had never even gone to Sunday School.

    Since then, the WH used a bible quote to justify separating children from their migrant parents, and Sessions used a cherry picked quote which justified slavery.

    But white evangelicals don't care. They actually didn't like him much at the time of the Iowa caucus. But being white, saying what they wanted to say, and ultimately doing what they wanted to do with Israel, etc sealed the deal. They suddenly don't care about morals, history or anything else. They love him, because he shouts out their resentments, grudges and bigotry. He could have gotten their daughters pregnant, abandoned them and the child, and demolished their church to build a condo which he might have then sold to the Russian mob, and put a big picture of Putin on the front of it, and they will still vote for him.

    Not all USChristains feel the same way. Black churches have very different views, and there are lot of white Christians resisting as well - my wife follows a pastor on Twitter who his high profile in his resistance, and even some you get evangelicals are turning away from him.