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  • Violence

    One thing irritating is the way, some people, living outside the United States like make statements that Americans are a violent society. Yes we do have a lot of violence taking place in our country. And we, are concerned about it. Our neighbor, to the north, Canada, is quick to criticize American gun laws. Yes we have the right to own guns, if we desire to have one. Most Americans are law bidding citizens who keep their guns under lock and key. Unfortunately some are not. Gun laws forbidding citizens from owning guns, will not work. The criminal element will get them. As I recall, in the Canadian capital Ottawa, a few years back, a deranged individual took a rifle, killed the soldier, guarding the tombe of the unknown soldier, took a walk up Parliament hill, and entered the Houses of Parliament carrying this rifle, and no one stopped him. He came within a few feet of the Prime Minister office, until someone saw him and tackled him. Let’s face it, violence is up, everywhere. I personally put some of the blame on the entertainment industry, film, glorifying the gun culture, and some rappers, writing lyrics. Kill the cops, kill the cops.