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    Another tell all book. Donald Trump is busy slamming it with his usual tweets. For those readers who were to young or not born yet, he was one of the reporters involved in the Watergate scandal. Scandal which toppled Richard, tricky Dick, Nixon. I remembered Richard Nixon’s famous statement, “I am not a crook” As I recall, their was a film, starring Robert Redford, I think he was the actor, about 30 or so years back.
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    Yes, watched the movie "All The President's Men" very interesting how the story, like a ball of wool, unwound all the way to the White House. They even brought out a watch with Nixon's face on the dial denying he was a crook. When Trump eventually falls, I wonder if he will be on a watch stating "I'm fired, I'm fired......


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      Amazon Prime has the film in HD, but HMV has the blu ray exclusively.

      If they bring out a Trump watch, you can bet it will be gaudy, overpriced, won't ever tell the correct time, and will quickly stop working.


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        "All The President's Men" was based on the book by Woodward & Bernstein, who were the two journalists that broke the story. Their investigation into corrupt practicies in the buil-up to an election, brought about the toppling of a president. If you ever wondered why every latest scandal or controversy has the suffix "-gate" then here is the source. It is actually the name of the hotel where Secret Service spies planted bugging devices before the opposition party's conference, so they could listen in on strategy meetings, etc. Politically motivated espionage.. all shocking stuff that ended up at the desk of the president.

        The book came out when all the fuss was still being finished off. The movie came out later, by which time the US had grown bored by the whole sad tale. Their disillusionment with government was now complete and the betrayal still haunts all the political shenanigans that go on to this day. William Goldman wrote the screenplay for the movie and covers it extensively in his book "Adventures In The Screen Trade". He had the onerous task of making an entertainment movie about a subject that had been "all talked out", and his challenge is a fascinating read. The movie starred Robert Redford playing Woodward and Dustin Hoffmann playing Bernstein. Incidentally, Bernstein was married to Nora Ephron, who became an accomplished novellist, screenwriter and director. "Heartburn" is one of hers, and in its autobiographical tale, the husband is played by Jack Nicholson.

        Woodward's credentials as journalist are being defended and his book is already a bestseller based on Amazon pre-orders alone. By the time the screenplay is written, nobody will ever want to hear the name Trump again... and the screenwriter will struggle to find something new to say that gets people into the cinema.