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    I am on holiday in Eire. This is one for the books. A girl breaks the law and does tram surfing. She has an accident. She admits she was breaking the law. She goes to court sues the tram company and is awarded 550 thousand euror's. Many people think this was the wrong decision. She thinks otherwise and can't understand their thinking. She feels she is entitle to the money.

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    This girl was awarded all that money for her stupid, hanging from the side of this moving vehicle. Either the judge, who was presiding over the bench, needs his head examine. It be interesting how Judge Judy would solve this example of stupid behavior.


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      A quick google search confirms that this case is a big talking point in the news media today. Lots of opinion and quite a large amount of indignation that a criminal should receive such a compensation award for an injury that was incurred through wilful misadventure. "Victim" is reported to be rejecting the criticism. It happened 8 years ago, when she was 13. Her claim was based on the negligence of the tram operators in their procedures for checking that there were no dangling kids on the outside of the vehicle before pulling away.

      This report gives most of the key points, but does not explain why the case was settled.

      This other report gives an alternative and important set of cautionary tales where the people making compensation claims were not successful, and legal bills amounted to more than any award might have been.;
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        Emotion and illogical arguments aside, this is a relatively simple straightforward case of liability. This would be a "without prejudice" settlement (i.e. no admission of liability, and consequently non-appealable) and there has obviously been a deduction in the amount of damagers for contributory negligence.

        But the fact that the tram company subsequently identified some course of remedial action to reduce the possibility of this event recurring is indicative of a degree of contributory negligence.