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    This is not. British film. It has been televised in various countries including England. It was originally offered on DVD, time running of the film was 308 minutes. The original series, shown in Germany, was over 5 hours. That original version is now available on dvd from Germany. It has a English soundtrack. The film has won several awards.

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    Actually, it's the film that came first - the series is a sort of extended version of the film, which was first shown on the BBC. I have had the series on DVD for years, and it's excellent, but the film is a more concentrated version, with certain aspects left out.

    The film is of course available on Blu Ray, which is on my list to buy, but certainly get the versions in German withsubtitles. I remember watching the film after I had seen the series, and the US dubbing was awful. Its vastly better to watch it I the original German with subtitles, if only for the atmosphere.

    Fun fact - the replica sub these used for the film/series is the same one that appears in Raiders of the Lost Ark, as are the sub pens, which are the actual ones the U boats operated from, although in 1941 the roofs would have been less thick.
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      A visit to the Das Boot film set at the Bavaria Film Studios is highly recommended, but of course a long way to go just for that!
      Everything is very well-organised. We went by train from a village near Munich in 1999 and the ticket office at the railway station issued not only the rail tickets, but the tickets for the film studios and step by step directions in English down to the platform numbers to look for. There are various "mock-ups" of the U96, from the conning tower, to a miniature submarine, to large sections of the interior. Inside one of the large hangars is where the scenes were shot to simulate waves crashing over the deck. For those interested in visiting the WW2 U-Boats still in existence in Germany, there is U2540 (aka "Wilhelm Bauer") at Bremerhaven, and U995 at Laboe near Kiel (the naval equivalent of our armed forces arboretum at Alrewas, Staffordshire is located near to U995 at Marine Ehrenmal - Laboe...quite a remarkable place). Outside Germany, there is U534 at Birkenhead, UK and U505 in Chicago, USA.

      Bonekicker - I didn't know that about Raider of the Lost Ark. Interesting. Thanks. Must look next time it's on the telly.


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        Originally posted by Derick Angerman View Post
        It has been televised in various countries including England.
        Strangely enough, it was also shown in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland at the same time!